A buyout essentially involves gaining the controlling interest over another company. While the transaction can be an outright purchase, it can also be made possible when the purchaser obtains a controlling equity interest. Most people or companies that choose to invest in buying other companies have a vision of gaining strategic and financial benefits such as new market entry. Others want less competition, better operational efficiency, while others are usually focusing on higher revenues. Ultimately, the majority of buyouts happen because the purchaser’s believes that the transaction will create more value for the shareholders of their company

During a buyout, both parties accrue advantages and disadvantages. There are many factors that need to be considered to pull off a successful transaction. 

For a buyout to be successful, the needs of both parties should be met. However, that would only happen in an ideal situation. The following cons of a typical buyout should be considered wisely.

Disadvantages of a Company Buyout: Risk of Falling Into Debt

When an acquiring company is preparing for the transaction, it is very likely that they may need to borrow money to finance the purchase. While this move is almost always inevitable, it will surely affect their debt structure. This issue might further lead to an increase in loan payments on the company’s books. According to Fundnd, sometimes financing a buyout can force the purchasing company to cut back on their expenses elsewhere. In some cases, companies have been required to lay off some of their staff or sell a part of their business to ensure they are still profitable after acquiring a new establishment. Such adverse measures have been known to take money away from internal development projects.

Loss of Key Staff

As mentioned earlier, company buyouts are notorious times for some key personnel to quit, find new jobs, or even retire. Since staff development takes time and other key resources, finding other personnel with equal skills, experience, and knowledge will be a huge challenge.

Challenges In The Integration Of Systems and Processes

Fundnd has been in the business of acquiring companies for long enough. According to the company’s founder, one of the greatest challenges of a buyout is integration of staff, systems and procedures of the two companies. While it is expected that merging two companies with comparable features will be easy, those who have been involved in such processes can tell you otherwise. The companies might differ totally in areas such as corporate culture and operational methods. Such differences may end up in a situation where the individuals and systems involved enter into “resistance to change mode” within the new company. Of course, these can cause serious and costly problems. 

Why You Should Be Prepared For Anything

Regardless of the challenges involved, companies like Fundnd are still on a winning streak, buying out companies, scaling them, and then deciding to either keep or sell them. Recently, Fundnd bought AAssist.org in a deal that’s expected to create a multiple-figure company. So, what works, and what doesn’t? According to the company’s founder, it is important to know that there’s always time to reflect on the business you want to buy. 

It doesn’t matter what a business broker, a business seller, or any other person tells you, there’s always time.

It is unfortunate that buyers don’t take into consideration ROI. Since buying a company is a big investment, it is important for buyers to assess how much ROI they’ll get for going ahead with a buyout. It is better to invest money in stocks or commodities than have a company that won’t pay back what you put into it.  

There’s also the issue of cash shortage, where a buyer uses all their money for the down payment on the business, failing to foresee cash flow and possible contingencies that may demand more capital. This problem is common, although cash management in the startup phase of any company is necessary for success. There is also the need for finances set aside for building the business through PR and marketing efforts. So, if you have money to invest, it is a wise thing to consider buying a company and scaling it. When done well, a buyout is like a shortcut to success. If you need a partner to walk you through, someone who has been there, done it, and has the right experience, Fundnd is the name.