Do you know it is possible to invest in real estate without significant hands-on effort? The secret is to create and grow a passive real estate portfolio. While growing, it might seem challenging for any realtor. However, many like Thomas Cruz have successfully mastered its art.

Thomas Cruz is a 32-year-old real estate investor and coach. He teaches people how to get started in the sector and scale their passive real estate portfolio. He buys single-family properties and rents them out to subsidized government programs.

Starting Off Small

Never despise humble beginnings. Straight out of the University of North Carolina, Thomas bought his first condo with little money down. While he was always involved in college entrepreneurship, purchasing the property was his first venture in real estate.

About a year later, he rented it out and bought another property with the money he got from marketing and wholesaling property as a side hustle. With time, he purchased more properties and continued reinvesting.

Also, he started to partner with higher net worth individuals. From there, he was able to buy significantly more homes that put him on the map. Eventually, he did cash-out, refinanced and bought out his partners. Currently, he is the owner of CashFlow Pros, with a team of four employees.

Learning from The Expert in Affordable Single-Family Housing Portfolios

Thomas Cruz has completed over 100 real estate transactions at only 32 years of age. When he was 30 years old, he purchased 92 single-family homes for $6m. 18 months later, he sold the same homes for $10m. The realtor owns hundreds of such properties in North Carolina.

When it comes to his social media platforms, Cruz has garnered a massive following. He has 600k followers on TikTok and 18k followers on Instagram. He has successfully created a fan base and many prospective clients through the platforms.

For Cash Flow Pros they have more than 100 leads per month. Among these, the company has a 10% closing rate in a sale cycle of 2 days. Thomas’ coaching and consulting services will take you back $500 per hour, and you get a $47 per month Discord pro membership.

A Proven Work Frame

Looking back at his real estate journey, Thomas has what it takes to help you grow a real estate portfolio and make it big in the sector. While he is originally from Brazil and only moved to the US with his family when he was 5, Cruz has made his way into one of the US’s successful realtors.

It goes to show that something is outstanding he is doing right. Such a proven work frame is what any upcoming realtor or investor needs to create a portfolio. In the end, Thomas Cruz ensures you achieve financial stability through how you manage, rent, and sell the properties you invest in.


Let Thomas Cruz help you grow a passive real estate portfolio, and you will thank him later. As a successful real estate investor and coach, he will show you everything you need to know to break even in the lucrative real estate industry.

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