The emergence of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has shaken every sector of the economy globally. The real estate markets have not been spared either. This economic meltdown has seen a new massive crash in the real estate market. Governments have been at the forefront of helping their people find housing. However, due to the small supply, enormous demands, and help from the States, the crash hasn’t been felt. However, there will be a new wake in 2021. 

Guillem Macia is a real estate expert and a young entrepreneur taking the industry by storm. He is the owner of Will To Capital (W2C), a real estate investment platform specialized in real estate investments through different vehicles, including property development. He offers high returns investing in the Spanish real estate market, and he manages assets through other companies. He also manages US clients’ business in Europe, with over 70% of his clients from the US. But the big question is, why is Barcelona going to be a hot market to invest in 2021?

Barcelona’s Huge Demand For Market

Foreign investors influence Barcelona’s market, and there are more activities and different prices than the surrounding areas that are not in much demand by foreigners. There has been a rise in prices from 2012 to 2020. The situation is likely to go back to years ago that was similar to 2012. And guess what? Many deals are expected to emerge in the market. 

Barcelona has experienced a massive demand for real estate. Because of the vast demand for the market and smaller size, it has experienced a smaller global crush than Madrid and other Spanish cities. 

Is It The Right Time To Buy?

Do you want to own assets? The prices are lower for travel-related real estate than ever witnessed in over a decade, which could be the ripe time to make a purchase. Interestingly, the current collapse in the market is temporary due to the global spread of Covid-19, but it will resume. 

WC2 is well and firmly positioned in the market to find the best deals for their clients. However, it is worth noting that the right time to buy depends on the field of real estate. For example, there are good distress deals in hotels, and Guillem’s company is now involved in the closing of 2 big hotel deals. Since the prices are not falling for the residential, it is not the right time to buy. But the prices will fall in the future. 

Why Invest In Barcelona?

Guillem has helped clients with all sorts of investments in Spanish real estate. He has raised over $50million that has been invested in the market. His clients also manage over $10billion globally, and they are always pushing for more investments. W2C is currently building 60 apartments in Barcelona. They have already accomplished much in the two years since the founding of the business. Do you want to invest in Barcelona? Here are reasons why you should invest today and not tomorrow. 

Barcelona’s Hotels Are Closing

Now is the perfect time to flip Barcelona’s hotels. It is common knowledge that Spain has one of the strongest tourist markets in the world. However, this is not the case this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The decrease in Spain’s tourism has resulted in the closure of many tourism-related businesses. However, this situation opens an excellent opportunity to invest in tourism-related real estate. And once travel resumes, you will reap big. 

Low Prices

Many hotels are going bankrupt and are up for sale. The retail sector is likewise on its’ deathbed.’ The World Health Organization protocols that have made people work from home due to the pandemic are causing many offices to suffer. Offices are now waking up to a reality that they don’t need as much space as they thought. The residential market is also expected to be on a downward trend but not as hard-hit as the tourism-related real estate. Since many tourism-related businesses are closing down, the prices are now much lower than ever before. And now is the opportunity to flip these properties as tourism will later resume gradually. In conclusion, real estate in Barcelona is the best place to invest now. For more information on Real Estate investment, you can connect to Guillem Macia here.