It’s been a year (and a half). Since the arrival of COVID, we’ve seen “business as usual” transform in ways unimaginable just a few months prior. We’ve seen many companies adapt and thrive, taking the “new normal” by the horns and using it to master communication in new and innovative ways. One brilliant change we’ve seen across industries is the leveraging of signage. In many ways, signs have become more important than ever, directing people to stay six feet apart, relaying changing hours and curbside pickup information, and reminding people to use masks and good hygiene practices to stay healthy and safe. 

The Sign of the Times

Both inside and outside of buildings, signs have moved from a more routing form of communication to heavily trusted directionals (and even a great source of laughter to counter the stress that’s descended upon all of us). Signs have become real marketing opportunities if you know how to play your cards right. Are you looking for a good sign these days? Follow us, there are plenty!

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What’s New—and What’s Next—in COVID-19 Signage

Before we even get to the creative messaging, it’s important to recognize the creative ways that people are getting the message across—in fresh signage opportunities.

Curbside Signage: Park It Here

It’s a whole new world in parking. Now there are individual signs in parking lots where none used to be—aside from handicapped spaces and the occasional spot for new mothers, mothers-to-be, or senior citizens. Curbside signage is EVERYWHERE, directing people to designated spots, giving them a phone number to call to check in, and providing a parking spot number to give to the store or restaurant. The seismic shift to curbside pickup is reflected in this explosion of messaging.

Social Distancing Signage: Flooring It

Before COVID, you might see floor signage used in a handful of places, like a car dealership or retail store at the mall. Now? It’s From your local coffee shop (“practice safe six/masking for a friend”) to the checkout line at the grocery store, to signs urging social distancing at the mini golf course—safety signage reminding people to stand six feet apart are getting cooler and more creative by the minute.

This one from a burger joint brings back some childhood fun with thelava game. The blue sign is an equally playful reminder for an ice cream shop. These are great ways to get the message across in an engaging manner, and they’re highly effective. Floor signs like these are going viral since they’re so darn clever.

Sanitizing, Reminding & Masking Signage: Brave New Signs

There are a bunch of never-before-realized signs as well. Hand sanitizer dispensers weren’t the ubiquitous fountains we see now. Just 18 months ago, they hid in corners and on walls. Now, they stand in full view, festooned with signage to remind people to rub up! Entrance signage wasn’t a thing before we needed to let people know that masks were required inside. Many of those have been anopportunity to show some personality too. “No mask, no taco,” reads a local Mexican restaurant’s sign. “If you’re not vaxxed, wear a mask,” pleads an upscale jewelry store. Signs like this one in Walmart are large reminders to stand apart. And who else has been trained to look down at the grocery store for the one-way signs directing people safely through the aisles? These simply weren’t necessary before the virus arrived

Messing with the Message

We live in a stressful time. Companies that are helping people stay healthy with fun or light-hearted messaging are having good responses from customers. Like every opportunity for communication, these signs add another dimension to their personality while communicating valuable information. If the creative use of signs weren’t enough, some companies are taking old signs and making the messaging new.

Temperature Checks Become Cooler

Take this company’s office signage. If you’re going to have to get your temperature taken, at least you can take it with some levity. They still lay out all the important health information, but it’s much more interesting than your average healthcare PSA.

And you can’t help but chuckle with this company (we’ll let you guess what part of the U.S.), that clearly uses its unique voice to get the point across.

Slaying Signs with Brand Central Signage

Want to do more for your space? There are a ton of options to meet this great opportunity. One easy way is through an online ordering portal, which organizes multiple signs, sizes, iterations and locations in one centralized, web-based portal that you can manage across many locations. It’s simple to customize signs for each spot, manage budgets in various locations, control access to marketing assets, and generally have one repository to keep your marketing consistent, streamlined, and smart. You’ll even save printing costs by bundling services and working with one dedicated printer. Fingers crossed we can all be working on post-COVID signage soon. So you can keep the signs rolling with the times. Talk to us if you want to learn more.

How are you using signs these days? Have you found some creative ways to reach people? Would you like more ideas? We are ready to help take your sign game to the next level. Just give us a ring, and we’ll have you signing off in no time!

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