What makes one a distinguished leader or professional? This is probably one question many people ask themselves. Developing yourself to be a thought leader in any field can be challenging. However, it is essential for a productive and healthy mindset. Every good leader or professional aspires for good results, a customer-centric approach, and efficiency in their organization. But how many achieve this goal?

This article presents tips from Muhammad Asif, to help solve the riddle and mold you to be a thought leader everyone would wish to work with. But first, who is Muhammad Asif?

Muhammad is the founder & CEO of Main Course Associates International (MCA), a B2B that provides finance, strategic, and operational advice to its clients in Hospitality and Retail sectors. Despite being a serial entrepreneur, he is also an investor and sits on many boards as an executive and non-executive director and advises start ups and groups of companies alike. 

Set Meaningful Goals

Do you want to achieve personal development? Goal setting is one of the essential components to consider. Identify and set your goals right. Having a goal and a plan will give you the motivation to grow yourself in achieving them. As a leader, goals will help you develop self-discipline as well as personal responsibility. It will also help you build direction, focus, and have a bigger picture for your organization. 

Goals also give a sense of personal satisfaction and motivate one during setbacks. They also provide a better meaning of expectations and provide clarity to decision making. Muhammad Asif understands this secret and has set his own goal for the next ten years. One of his goals is to be worth $100 Million by 2025. His other purpose is to grow his consulting business and have an exhibit. By 2030, Muhammad plans to be worth $500m. In 2021, he will be launching a charity with his wife to focus on education for children and women empowerment. 

Invest In People

Real and effective leaders invest in people and empower them. It is worth noting that a true leader creates most leaders and not just followers. Leaders who see their juniors as their slaves are cold and dispassionate and never grow to become great leaders. 

Muhammad believes that education without empowerment is useless. That is why he targets donating 5% of all his profits from his businesses to his charity. His consulting business, MCA International has also been accredited for “investors in people,” which represents his leadership style. 

Customer-Centric Approach

Good business leaders embrace customer-centricity. This approach is a strategy where customers come first and at the core of your company or business to provide long-term relationships and a positive experience. Muhammad puts clients first. He gives them strategic and operational advice as well as professional services. 

This approach has enormous business value. It helps business leaders understand the customer’s journey. It also improves operational efficiency for the organization.  

Set Aside Time To Work On Your Self-Awareness

Improving self-awareness is a vital thing to do as a business leader. Your feelings and capabilities are the gates to your success. Many leaders today hate feedback. However, it is healthy to seek and generously accept constructive criticism.

Being self-aware will help you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden biases. Also, it allows leaders to have trust with their juniors while increasing their credibility. Self-awareness will help leaders develop professionally by assisting them in impacting their businesses or organizations positively. 


Did you know that you can only raise your type? As a leader, mentorship is very vital in molding the future of the company. It involves changing virgin minds to positive behavior. For Muhammad to be a leader, he worked under mentors ever since he was young. Some of his mentors included Bob Proctor, Kane Minkus, and Korie Trevino. Mentoring will help young leaders to gain practical advice, support, and encouragement. The leaders can also learn from the experiences of others and be empowered to make conscious decisions. Mentorship can also help you develop your communication and personal skills. Do you want to be a true leader, these tips will mold you to become one. For more information, you can connect to Muhammad Asif here.