Leads are the fundamental basis for any business sales process to be successful. Lead generation is the very act of identifying, connecting, contacting, and cultivating new relationships with a prospect. It has continued to be a key focus for business owners and marketers even to date -but it is getting more challenging as time goes by. Surprisingly, 85% of B2B Marketers say that lead generation is their most content marketing goal for ages. While on the other hand, most companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing landing pages. 

Nevertheless, 61% of marketers attribute that generating the leads and traffic towards their site, product, and services are their top challenge. Such was the case for Alex Hormozi; shifting from being a government consultant to establishing his own business and becoming self-employed was a risky decision he had to make. 

Noting very well that the fitness and health industry is one of the most saturated niches with highly competitive segments, Alex took a jump and never looked back. Just like any other philanthropist, the turmoils and bottlenecks were inevitable. Alex strived so hard to generate leads that would sustain his business to success. 

The challenge was a blessing in disguise. Facing the challenge, opened Alex to think outside the box. A move that led to the establishment of Gym Launch.

Often most channels don’t yield anticipated results that a business can bank on. Have you been spending countless hours creating content with the anticipation of attracting the right prospects but still hitting rock bottom failure? It can be discouraging, without a doubt, but you need to hear this; You are not alone.

At some point in time, Alex Harmozi faced the same predicament. He struggled to acquire leads. As such, he shares some insights to kickstart your success journey

Create a High Converting Landing Page

By having detailed information of your customer needs, you can easily tie it down to your value proposition and ensure that the landing page captures the actual wording. If you can be able to fulfill this, be rest assured you will generate leads.

To ensure continuous growth, place your attention on synchronizing your landing page with your other marketing channels. The HubSpot statistics estimate that inbound tactics often generate more leads. What this entails is that content is king and quality a cutting edge advantage to stand out.

Review Homepage Messaging

For any online platform, the home page receives the most visits. To maximize the home page usage, blend it well with elements such as headlines, subtitles, and images. Actively promote your site by linking it to referring sites, social media sites, search engines, and any other source.

Alex emphasizes that since the home page is one of the sites that receive tremendous traffic flow, adjusting the homepage messaging might help you to generate more leads and therefore increase your business margins

Actively Engage Your Leads

When people are fully engaged, magical things happen right on the spot. The various ways you can engage your customers may be through hosting a webinar. Ensure that the webinar revolves around your content and product, and services. Let the prospects understand how your solution is key to untangling them from the pain points they are experiencing.

Alex relates that engaging potential leads to convincing clients that you are at their beck and call. As such, the customers will be confident to reveal in depth details and feel appreciated at the same time.

Create Target And Work Towards Achieving Them

If there is an aspect that drives entrepreneurs and marketers out of their comfort zones, they need to meet their target. The motivation emanating from the push to fulfilling a specific target is impressive. You will not only be able to uncover your inner strength but as well as sharpen your acquisition skills. 

Targets are directly linked to margins. Achieving them triggers a positive impact on the margin. Exceeding them means that the margins will increase beyond the set target. Alex, through ebook authored, shares a step by step guide to attaining business success. 

Actively keep blogging, share your information, and actively participate in social platforms and keep yourself, products, and services actively engaged.