A financial plan is vital for anyone who wants to achieve economic well-being. This plan is essential as it can help you plan for the future and achieve what you desire in life – whether that’s getting control of your daily budget or purchasing a vacation home, all while building wealth for the next generations of your family. 

Whereas many people are familiar with the benefits of financial planning, few understand how a dynamic and diverse financial plan could help them secure their future and build wealth. 

We talked to one of New York’s top financial advisory practices, led by a vibrant couple, Adam Tau and Rebecca Miller, to learn why you need an innovative, dynamic, & diverse financial plan. 

About Adam Tau & Rebecca Miller 

Adam Tau & Rebecca Miller are the founders of Dynamic Wealth Strategies, Inc. They describe their company as an exciting, approachable, and like-minded alternative to your typical firm. Unlike many traditional firms, DWS stands out as the founders seek to engage a broad range of people in the community, and they value authenticity. 

Adam & Rebecca have managed to scale their business by building authentic relationships with their clients. According to the couple, the business is a reflection of themselves and their values. They consider themselves to be independent thinkers, passionate & relationship-driven, and in the age of mega-firms, Adam and Rebecca set up a business that would help people often overlooked by these firms. 

Why you need an Innovative, Dynamic, and Diverse Financial Plan 

Many people fail at financial planning. One of the reasons is that it’s hard, it takes discipline, and it takes an objective view of what can be a very personal topic. Many people don’t take the time to craft a comprehensive plan tailored to their lives and goals. Moreover, people don’t make competent plans with a long-term perspective. 

Rebecca and Adam add to this by saying that many people fail at financial planning because their plans are not designed to be dynamic. So what is a dynamic financial plan? Such a financial plan can adapt as your life naturally changes. As your goals change, as the economy changes, as tax laws change – and even as the make-up of your household changes – your plan needs to change too. When onboarding new families, they often review stagnant plans that have not changed since they were put in place decades ago, and it’s no wonder the family has come to DWS looking to improve.

An innovative, dynamic, and diverse financial plan is valuable as it’s goal-based. With this plan, you can look for creative ways to deal with situations without interfering with your wealth-building goal. 

To Conclude 

Adam and Rebecca are passionate about helping people craft a plan that works for them. They create dynamic plans that can evolve as people’s lives, goals, and the economy changes rather than being locked into a plan), and since they are independent rather than being employees or agents of one company, they can implement the most competitive strategies and investments on the market. They embrace new technologies for communication and community and provide a diverse range of solutions that you may not find in a Fortune 100 financial company. 

Curious to learn more, you can check out their website or youtube.  

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