There are things people may never know – such as how Google comes up with their algorithm.


This has been the case since Google first announced itself to the world. From the look of things, nothing will change. So no one will ever know the mystery that surrounds how Google determines which site ranks before the other or worse still, how it determines the worth of a single click in their CPC program.

Fortunately, there are rules that can help one come close to dominating the search engine. a few companies have already discovered this. That is in fact, one of the main reasons why most companies that always appear on Google’s top 5 search results always have an SEO company by their side. So what exactly does it take to outmuscle your competitors and rank among high in Google?


Google SEO Algorithm 2018

Simply follow the following rules:


The Index Age

Chances are, you have never thought about the impact that your index age has on your search results. To begin with, indexed age simply means the date that Google first noted or rather discovered your domain or webpage. This should not be confused with the date when you first registered your domain.  Think of it this way. A brand new site or even blog getting noticed by Google for the first time will have a hard time ranking on Google’s SERPS than a site or blog that had been noticed by Google years ago.

So the whole idea of registering a domain name and leaving it just at that may not be doing you any justice. Google likes it when you register a domain, feed it with content and follow white hat SEO rules. Think along those lines and you can brag about organic search results with ease.


Authority Profile

You will have an easy time with Google once you have a healthy link profile. First off, the healthy link profile is tantamount to authority. How so? Any genuine link means that it comes from quality content from the internet. This is always the case because Google cares about the relevance of all the sites that link to a given domain. It does not end there.

Google also cares about the quality of content that anchor your link.  The biggest secret though boils down to an IP Diverse link, so by all means make sure that your links do not come from the same source. A healthy link velocity with a significant number of links created over time will take you places!


Content is Still King

You must have read this somewhere before. That is true. Unfortunately, people seem to think that quality content does not play a big role as it used to before when it comes to Google rankings. Truth is, content will always be king. It is by far one of the most important anchors that will tether you to relevant Google algorithms. This means you have no choice but to keep off content with typos, grammar issues and just about any kind of content that is thin and shallow.

When it comes to content issues, yours must be lengthy. It must also not be spun. It must be highly engaging to keep readers on your page for a long time. The of course, it must be keyword centric with keywords appearing naturally throughout your content.


Quality Matters All The Time

This sounds like an obvious rule. It is actually obvious. Strangely, most people don’t seem to care about it at all. Posting fresh content everyday may sound good. But if the content is thin and does not meet the rules mentioned above in regard to content, then you will only be pulling a cart up a steep hill. Google, like nearly all other serious companies on earth, care about quality more than quantity.

So instead of posting daily, think about posting quality content at least twice weekly.


Size Matters

You might not know it yet the first page of Google’s SERPs that rank high feature at least 2000 words. Note though that Google hates superfluous content. The goal here is not to just write 2000 words and post it. Size matters just as much as quality does so your content must be laser focused.

Be careful with how you create and churn content though. Your content should be written for humans. That way, you can and will go far. Once Google notes that you stuff keywords as most people do, you mind end up having your blog or website de-indexed. A Google update may also kick you out of business. Never overstuff keyword just to rank. To avoid this, take advantage of Latent Semantic Indexing. That is, words that mirror your keywords. Use them interchangeable with your keywords. Instead of stuffing your content with ‘best destinations in Milan’ focus too on the LSI which could be something like ‘best places to visit in Milan’.


Think Of Your Visitors

Think about your target audience. Chances are, they all own handheld devices. They own mobile phones and tablets. They access the internet while on the move. This presents a big opportunity for you to leverage. So by all means, just don’t make sure your site is navigable. Make sure too that your site can be easily accessed through different devices or as tech people put it, it should be mobile friendly.

If you can have an application to support your services, then even better! Be sure to also take advantage of social media.

What are your best SEO strategies!? Be sure to comment below!

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