A luxury watch is the most recognizable and portable statement of success worldwide and no watch brand is more recognizable than Rolex.

So let’s say you have hit a milestone- a wedding that is around the corner, a successful business deal, a graduation ceremony, or a new job. You want to celebrate by marking the occasion.  If you enjoy the finer things in life there’s a good chance a luxury watch like Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet has come to mind. Maybe you’ve seen other successful people with a nice timepiece and thought, “I’d like a watch too.” Whatever the purpose, you have decided that you want to purchase a watch; and don’t know where to start from. Worry no more. 

Heritage Watch Dealers will help you get a quality timepiece at the best price possible. This company is dedicated to providing the highest level of service with authentic,well-maintained watches. It was founded by enthusiasts for discerning clients looking to buy, sell, or trade watches while remaining confident that they got exactly what they wanted and at the best price. 

How Heritage Watch Dealers Began

Heritage Watch Dealers’ founder always had a passion for watches. He had initially gotten into high-end timepieces because of a love of scuba diving. He appreciated the engineering that created these instruments built to reach the deepest areas on the planet and their place as the pinnacle of mechanical engineering.

His background in finance and investment-led him to realize that the watch market had some striking similarities with the stock market. As in any other financial market, these watches can act as a moving store of value, and they move up and down similar to what companies or artwork would do overtime. 

However, the challenge for consumers is that, unlike some of these more established markets, the watch industry is very private and extremely fragmented. Furthermore, the eye-popping values of luxury watches draw scammers, fraudsters, and unscrupulous sellers, looking for a quick score. 

In response, he founded Heritage Watch Dealers to help clients navigate the world of luxury timepieces. Their goal was to ensure clients receive the highest level of service locating top-quality timepieces, at the best possible value. Why value? Because when determining a watch’s price: condition, operation, scarcity, age, completeness, and providence all affect the value of a watch. In the watch market “If something is too good to be true, it probably is.”

Heritage Watch Dealers ensures that their customers can act with confidence and find those great deals without risking losing tens of thousands of dollars to scammers.

Disrupting The Market With The Best Timepieces

Heritage Watch Dealers has been in the luxury watch business since 2007.  The first watch they sold was a limited edition Breitling Navitimer, and it was a black dial blue dial with black subdials. Today they have access to one of the largest ranges of luxury timepieces in the world from Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, and many more. 

They’ve built trust with their customers over many years. These long-term relationships are why nearly all their clients stay for life; some are just realizing the social or financial value that comes with getting a well-selected timepiece. They have others building extensive collections to generate outsized returns with dozens of watches. 

Their business model, which is financial-based and client service, makes them stand out from the competition.


Are you looking for a luxury timepiece? Don’t risk your money on poor quality, modified, or counterfeit merchandise. Heritage Watch Dealers will work with you to analyze the market, locate the best options for you and provide you with comps to make an informed decision. You can visit this website for more information. You can also call them, email them, or DM them.