In today’s challenging environment, many people aim to break free from financial struggles and gain financial independence. However, most of them have no idea how to do so. Often, a roadmap to success is being sought after. Questions such as “How did self-made millionaires reach the pinnacle of success and gain financial freedom?” are asked. People are interested to know the steps successful people took and their daily habits for them to imitate, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Financial expert and wealth coach David Hutchinson shared that there is no standard roadmap in attaining financial freedom. Everyone will take a distinct route to get there. The path of another person might not be the right one for the other. Every individual will have to discover or crave his own path to financial independence—some will get there quickly, while some might take some time. 

Although it comes at one’s own pace, there are two things that can help you propel towards financial freedom: purpose and direction. Hutchinson knows the value of finding purpose and direction and how they could propel you in achieving financial independence. 

For a decade, Hutchinson has been preaching the holistic way of creating wealth and attaining financial freedom. He believes that money, without purpose and direction, is meaningless and as a result, can easily be lost. To achieve financial freedom, you do not have to focus on your finances alone. Mindset and health are also equally important to drive you to physical and financial wealth in life.

Finding Your Purpose

For Hutchinson, finding one’s purpose can lead to financial freedom. It is worth noting that financial freedom is not solely about money. There is a much higher calling than gaining money. It is about creating something that will last forever–your true legacy.

Hutchinson remarked that finding one’s purpose is rediscovering the value that one can bring to the world. That value is already with you from the beginning and what you need to do is to rediscover it. He added that people could achieve financial freedom by involving all the pillars of life—mind, body, family, and finances.

The goal is not to live forever but to create something that will. The creation of something that can span from one generation to another will become a way of life and a way of thinking. That is the true legacy for Hutchinson. Helping other people build their true legacy is the primary driving force why Hutchinson’s establishment of The Legacy Company. He wants to re-educate people and change the way people learn financial education since this is something formal education fails to address and highlight. Most financial education today focuses on finances alone, but there is more than that, which is why he and his company have a holistic approach to wealth creation that involves the mind, body, and family.

Hutchinson is committing himself and his team to help people develop a higher, more centered, educated, and well-rounded version of themselves. After learning from him, he expects his clients to pass down his knowledge through their families and generations to come., which will transcend from a physical realm to a more spiritual concept.

Having a Direction

When one is lost, directions are inevitably asked for or sought after. Direction is another thing that can propel anyone towards financial freedom as it guides one on how to avoid and/or overcome hurdles along the way efficiently. 

According to Hutchinson, you set your goals for wealth creation and your goals will help you move forward since it allows you to determine where you want to go and how far you are from achieving it. Fixed goals can pressure an individual to exert effort and move in the direction he wants to go. Simultaneously, it will serve as a motivation in taking the necessary steps to attain one’s objective. Weekly goals help you break down your big, audacious goal of financial freedom into smaller, achievable goals,” Hutchinson said.

Finding Purpose And Direction With Hutchinson

Hutchinson is sending an open invitation to everyone who aspires to attain financial freedom. He and his team of advisors are ready to guide anyone to find their purpose and direction that will propel them towards financial freedom and independence.

Hutchinson’s holistic approach to wealth creation can surely get anyone moving towards financial freedom. His company’s goal is not only to enhance its client’s financial stability but to create a culture of people who also want to have better physical wellness and nutritional health. Wealth creation revolves around the mind, body, and family, and not just money.

Why Hutchinson? He has been guiding clients in their wealth creation journey for ten years already. Hutchinson is backed by years of experience as a financial professional and wealth coach. Before starting The Legacy Company, he worked for some big names in the industry like Prudential and Wells Fargo. He worked under the wing of some of the notable wealth managers who manage hundreds of millions in assets and private equity and run multiple businesses.