Media companies can help businesses flourish. Whether it is social media, mainstream media, or any other type of media, it is important to know how to build your own from scratch; one that will hold your audience’s attention. 

When Fatima Al Mazrui began her first media company in 2016, she generated 1.5 million in less than 90 days. This was an eye-opener as she quickly realized how lucrative the space was. However, she noticed that most marketing and media companies had not leveraged the pay-per-call model in their strategies to generate leads for their businesses. This revelation made her start The Profit House, where she teaches others how to start and scale media companies from scratch so they can tap into the multi-billion & trillion-dollar industries using the pay-per-call model. 

More About Fatima

Fatima Al Mazrui is the CEO, founder, and owner of Midwest Media Group. She grew up extremely poor with limited education. She dropped out of high school early on because she had the responsibility of helping to care for her siblings. The passion to be financially independent propelled her to start her first media company from scratch on a hundred-dollar bill. Since then she has also helped other entrepreneurs build and scale their sales to 6 and 7-figure media companies.

The Operation Blueprint

In 2016, Fatima started Midwest Media Group on a pay-per-call business model. The company has customized its marketing and advertising to generate leads and convert them into paying customers for your business. The company’s highly experienced team offers the highest quality leads to enable your business to dominate the market. They also train your sales and marketing team with the appropriate call handling tactics to convert leads to business success. 

Through its pay-per-call model, the company also helps companies with their customers. The company boasts convenience and satisfaction for customers by ensuring they get quality products on time. 

Fatima’s business portfolio deals with offering services in insurance, debt, finance, home services, and legal verticals. The company’s investment in pay-per-call services was because, unlike other business models that are so saturated, this industry is lucrative and barely tapped. Would you like to open or scale your media company if you are less experienced in the sector? Fatima will teach you how you can successfully build a stable and scalable media company that could generate you 6 to 7 figures in revenue per month.

What is Fatima Al Mazrui’s Greatest Achievements?

Fatima has established Midwest Media Group and the Profit House which has enabled many businesses to generate and convert leads into sales for their businesses. businesses. She has generated millions of dollars through her companies and her greatest achievement was generating 1.5 million within 90 days of starting her first media company on a 100-dollar bill all alone, courtesy of her 18 years of prowess in marketing. She has established a successful mentorship program, and she is training entrepreneurs and small marketing agency owners to build and scale successful media companies for profit maximization.

What Do You Need to Know when Starting a Media Company from Scratch?

Fatima Al Mazrui has demystified the complexity of starting a media company. Does lack of adequate initial capital need to be a barrier to achieving the goal of owning your media house? No, it should not. It would help if you had a positive perception of what you want to achieve. Your success starts when you change your mind and align it to be optimistic that your goal is valid and attainable.

Through proper mentorship, you can establish a successful media house. Fatima educates you about all the requirements needed in the start-up phase to succeed in the business. She offers monthly coaching programs at a pocket-friendly cost, with the highest-paid class charges of $5000. The knowledge you would obtain from the training would enable you to establish a successful media company needed to give you financial freedom.

 Wrap up

Fatima Al Mazrui has simplified the process of establishing a media company. Initial capital requirements and lack of knowledge are no longer barriers preventing you from achieving your goals. Enrolling in mentorship training with Fatima will help you establish a successful media company to maximize profits or simply give you the financial freedom we all crave to have. For more information, connect with Fatima on social Twitter @falmazrui777  or LinkedIn @Fatima Al-Mazrui.