The writing profession is inclusive because it does not discriminate. It allows you to get exposure if you have a quality work ethic since anyone has access to the internet and the same set of platforms to publish. Writing also comes with a sense of freedom. Writers are thought leaders who have lots of freedom while creating their content. There are few boundaries toward what you can write about, where to apply to publish or how you can promote it. Besides, writing has no limits to which topic you will choose.

Additionally, the writing profession accommodates people of all ages, whether young or old. The reason is that the audience shall not concern themselves with the characteristics of the one who created the content but with the content of the written word. Leah Garrett is the best example of people disrupting the writing industry with their skills.

About Leah Garrett

Leah Garrett is an accomplished content creator who loves writing about technical and complex topics. She is knowledgeable about multiple topics, whether technology, pop culture, or politics. Moreover, she is an innovative, curious and inventive content marketing pro. She was born in Washington DC but partially grew up in a small southern town. Also, she helps businesses who need content for their brands by creating digestible and easy-to-read chunks. 

Before joining the writing industry, Leah involved herself in social media marketing and digital marketing. She has been ingrained in digital marketing since she was 16. After completing her high school education, she joined a college in Atlanta, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in politics. 

Impacting People’s Lives With Writing

Leah not only loves writing but is obsessed with it. She creates content on complex topics because she understands the psychology behind people’s mindsets. Having studied politics, she is passionate about helping those individuals who have complex stories or topics to talk about, making the information accessible to larger audiences. One of those complex topics that Leah talks about is mental health. Mental health is a big issue that is disturbing many people today. 

What compelled Leah to start talking about mental health was the experience of wanting to commit suicide for several years and having a renewed look at life later. Besides, she was diagnosed with different disorders for 13 years. These challenges made Leah love writing because she can express herself and help other people who may be going through specific challenges. Furthermore, Leah loves answering questions that disturb people and giving advice. Nevertheless, she can stand out against her competitors because she deals with complex topics.

The Bottom Line

Writing is not only an entertaining career but also a platform that gives you a chance to share your thoughts and world-changing ideas freely. With this profession, you can write about anything and become who you want to be in the future.

Therefore, if you are looking for a writer to express your message, Leah is here for you. Or, if you need accessible and digestible content for your audience and you are not sure where to go next, contact Leah for more information.