Starting a new business is not easy to accomplish. Beginner entrepreneurs will undoubtedly go through many uncertainties along the way. It will require an entrepreneur’s sheer determination to overcome those uncertainties and become successful.

At some point, budding entrepreneurs will encounter failures that will cast doubt on themselves. They might question and lose confidence in themselves. Some might even ponder whether it is time to quit or push on with their dream of a successful business. Moreover, there will be some people around them who will say that it will never work. What is essential is to push harder towards that dream business.

Life and business strategist Pascal Bachmann believes that there are two critical ingredients in starting a business. “You need to have clarity and the right strategy to put you on the right track towards attaining business success. No entrepreneur wants to fail—everyone dreams of succeeding. But in most cases, they lack clarity and the right strategy to make their business take off in the right direction,” Bachmann.

Bachmann’s Road To Success
Bachmann is a successful serial entrepreneur who used to own multiple businesses with an estimated combined worth of over $20 million. However, he lost all his business to bankruptcy.

Bachmann also played a crucial role in transforming the lives of more than 20,000 people from an unhealthy and depressed state to a healthy, happy, successful, and wealthy one.

Early in life, success was an elusive dream for Bachmann. He grew up in foster homes in Switzerland and had a difficult childhood. His first taste of success came when he got fascinated with martial arts as a sport. He pursued a career in martial arts and moved to Thailand. At the age of 18, Bachmann became a professional Thai boxer. The child with a difficult background is now a professional athlete.

Bachmann was a top-rated professional Thai boxer who has the potential to become a world champion. “Unfortunately, I sustained career-ending injuries while competing in an international tournament in Thailand. It ended my career in martial arts,” he shared.

Bachmann has no choice but to leave the sport that he learned to love and reinvent himself. Later, he developed an interest in Eastern therapies. Bachmann decided to learn more about Eastern therapies specializing in Chinese Medicine. “Eastern therapies opened the opportunity to become a health coach,” he said. Health coaching helped Bachmann to expand his knowledge about building businesses and built a network of valuable contacts. Eventually, he became an advisor for small businesses and later landed an advisory role with larger companies.

Then, Bachmann faced the biggest challenge in business and life. He discovered that one of his businesses ran into bankruptcy. “I lost everything within 60 days. My business, my retirement savings, and all my real estate — everything that I have built over the years. It was a bitter experience, but it taught me a life lesson that paved the way to know myself better and discover what really drives me,” Bachmann said.

The road to success required Bachmann to overcome a life-changing injury and bankruptcy. In my life, I have experienced hitting rock bottom several times. But I have always learned to pick myself up to rebuild my business and life from scratch. Today I inspire other entrepreneurs to find their way and live a healthy life with success, gratitude, and joy,” Bachmann said.

Clarity And The Right Strategy
Bachmann urged those trying to start a business to get clarity and the right strategy. He added that most entrepreneurs lack clarity when they build a successful business. “Clarity involves knowing what you want, why you want it, and for whom you want it for,” Bachmann explained.

Bachmann recommended that entrepreneurs invest sufficient time to put the clarity in their heads on paper. As mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs might lose confidence in themselves when they encounter failures along the way. “But if you have clarity, it will keep your business on track when you start questioning yourself as you go through challenging times,” he said.

Bachmann said that having the right strategy is equally important. “Every entrepreneur needs to create a strategy that they can follow consistently. It gives entrepreneurs a roadmap on how to reach their goals,” he said.

“Start with your goal and collapse it into smaller steps. Every time you accomplish a small step, you become one step closer to your goal,” Bachmann said.

Take The Next Step
To become successful in business and life, Bachmann had to overcome a life-changing injury and bankruptcy. Now, he is offering other entrepreneurs the opportunity to become healthy, successful, and wealthy millionaires. Bachmann has the necessary tools to take their business and lives to the next level and achieve true fulfillment. Bachmann said that if entrepreneurs want to take their business and lives to the next level, they need clarity and the right strategy. “Everything you will learn is derived from real-world experience and from the painful lessons that I acquired while building my business,” Bachman said.

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