All things—including individuals—have masculine and feminine energy. In a world dominated by masculine energy, more and more people are seeking to tap into the feminine. The feminine and masculine are intricately bound. This indicates that we all contain both despite our formal identification of masculine and feminine energy within men and women. When we have too many males, we get violent and dominant. We get inertia when we have too much feminine energy, which is a state of relaxation and incredible patience.

Our feminine energy propels us forward in terms of creativity, limitless possibilities, and inner transformation, while our masculine energy assists us in acting on our inspired desires. Jenny Adams explores the importance of feminine personal power in these extraordinary times, why it’s overlooked, and how to reclaim it by moving over and above limitations into empowered ways of being.

We live in a very action-oriented society that leans more towards the masculine realm to get quick results. But how do we honor the feminine amid all these happenings? Jenny Adams, the founder of Equiliberation, has been ahead of the game in reclaiming the sacred feminine. She created Equiliberation not only to liberate women but also to honor them. However, this is not to say that men have been left out.

According to Jenny, everyone is liberated when men and women are in Equilibrium, including non-binary people.

Go Into Nature And Learn

Mother nature is the most important wellspring of the feminine. Why? Because when the feminine is in harmony with the universal energies, there exists so much strength and potential. But did you know that this is precisely how nature works? That’s true. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs. And if it does, it falls foul of the rule and dies. The universal energies are balanced; the synchronicities of the night and the day, the change of seasons, and the wheel of life all work in pure potentiality. Additionally, the moon, water, and nighttime are all great symbols of Yin energy, feminine and cyclical. 

Because feminine energy is life force energy, it can be found in abundance in the ocean, forests, and even parks to help you rejuvenate.

Rest Is Primary

We’re driven by a “get-it-done” mentality and strive to achieve more, do more, and get more. Allowing oneself to simply be and do almost nothing will help you avoid this impulse. Yes, absolutely nothing! We can access the divine grace of the feminine through the power of the pause. Simply sit in and listen to the whispers of your soul for five minutes. There will be no music or other distractions, just you and your beingness.

Slowing down and being rather than doing are the keys to connecting to the feminine within. It’s also about putting such qualities as compassion and intuition into practice.

Embrace Change

Is there a part of you that is suppressing your voice? Do you keep your genuine potential hidden by saying yes when you really mean no? Are you sapping your own energy? Or are you giving it away? Is it possible that you’re playing too small? Being in your power will help you reclaim your true nature and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to let go of previous ways of being; we must stop imposing those scripts into the future and be confident in who we are and what we came here to be.

Treat your body as a garden; take care of it. Look within yourself before acting. Understand that sometimes you may need to change course. Know when to give and when to take. Learn to cooperate and help people do the same to enhance harmony. While you want so much to accomplish different things, learn to stop focusing on every other thing and look into yourself now and then.

For more information on how to honor the feminine, you can connect to Jenny Adams here.