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As an online store owner running a beauty product store, you need to invest in high-quality photography. This is one of the main ways you can attract customers to your online shop and boost your sales. Remember, your customers do not have the chance to see the actual products and touch them so your beauty photography should make up for this.

Your beauty photography must capture all the essential features of the product, and show them off as luxurious, high quality, effective, and worth your customers’ money. This means you must go beyond the basic placing of products on the table and taking some snapshots. You must employ the best beauty product photography techniques to stand out from your competitors. 

In this article, we will discuss some valuable tips that can help you to improve your beauty product photography, so you can improve the sales of your products be they skincare products, make-up, or anything else.

Research beauty photography techniques

Given that there are so many resources about photographing beauty products like a pro, you don’t have to blindly do things like you have nothing to help you. You can read what experts in this kind of photography have shared on their blogs and watch YouTube videos on the same. 

If you decide to handle your beauty photography project on your own, you need to research how to go about it, the equipment you need, the mistakes to avoid, and everything else you can find out. On the other hand, if you opt to hire beauty photography experts, it would be best to research the best photographers and seek referrals and recommendations. Also, you should consider meeting various experts to interview them and pick the best.

Assemble your beauty photography equipment

When you’re handling your beauty photography project on your own, you need to ensure you have the right equipment for the job.  It would be best to get a professional camera, tripod, lighting equipment, and even editing software.

You could use a smartphone for a start as some of the best ones can shoot high-resolution photos, but as you grow your business, consider getting a professional camera, or hiring one. A study tripod is also essential to make sure you produce shake-free shots. 

As for lighting, natural light is the best so all you need is to look for a well-lit area such as a room with a large window. However, if you don’t have consistent natural light, invest in affordable soft lighting kits so you have diffused lighting similar to what a studio offers.  

When working with a product photography studio or experts, ensure they have all the necessary equipment. Also, review their work to be sure they produce high-quality beauty product photos.

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Set up a pristine background

Another crucial tip to help you improve your beauty photography is it have a clutter-free background so your products take center stage. You can rarely go wrong with light-colored or solid-white backgrounds because they are universally flattering. Also, such backgrounds bring out a professional aesthetic. If you want to give your beauty products a textured appearance you may use seamless paper backgrounds. These should be of different patterns and colors that go well with your products and complement their look. To showcase a larger product line, consider using painted canvasses or foam boards. They allow you more creative freedom and create a uniform identity for your product line’s photos.

Have proper lighting 

As mentioned earlier, natural lighting is your best friend for beauty photography. For a better effect, you can diffuse the natural light through a sheer curtain for a soft flattering glow. When using artificial light, place soft box lighting on either side of your products to reduce incidents of sharp shadows.

You can also try backlighting for a dramatic ethereal look for products such as perfumes and lipsticks.  It’s crucial to experiment with different angles for lighting to get the effect you want.  Also, toy around with light reflectors to have light bounce back on your products to bring out details and avoid unwanted shadows.

Prepare your products for perfect shots

For great beauty products photography, ensure your products are picture-perfect before you press the shutter button. You need to wipe away dust particles, remove fingerprints, and ensure the products are spotless to ensure flawless shots. Styling tools such as tweezers can help in the precise arrangement of products for photography and guarantee perfect balance.

In addition, consider using stylish props to add to your products’ aesthetics and complement your brand. You can even use flowers, natural items like sea shells, and other things like makeup brushes to increase the visual effect and create some lifestyle or moods associated with the products.

Check composition and emphasize product features 

You must employ strategic composition to attract viewers to your beauty products through your photography and to accentuate their features. The rule of the thirds can help you have visually balanced product shots.

Additionally, experiment with capturing your product photos from different angles. For instance, use head-on shots to bring out full-size products, and three-quarter or angled shots for depth and intrigue. You need close-up shots to show intricate details, such as eyeshadow shimmers or brush textures. The secret is not to shy away from being creative. 

Employ the power of lifestyle photography

Beauty product photography is much more than static shots, and you need to ensure you take your shots to another level by having lifestyle images. The idea is to make potential customers visualize themselves using the products and getting the desired results. You can partner with makeup artists so you come up with stunning looks featuring your beauty products. For example, have photo models applying your products or showcase the final makeup appearance. And for skincare products, you can have “before” and “after” photos of models to depict your products’ amazing quality and results.

Optimize the magic of photo editing

It is crucial to know how to do basic photo editing as it can elevate your beauty photography to the next level. For instance, use editing software to balance white, and adjust the lighting and exposure so you have a consistent look for your entire product line. Also, crop images strategically and as may be necessary for a clean composition. You must keep in mind that editing is meant to enhance the shots but not to distort the real looks and features. Thus, avoid excessive editing that may result in false color and texture of the product.


With the above practical tips, you can improve beauty photography for your online store. Always remember that capturing great shots is crucial for the success of your e-Commerce beauty store as it showcases your products, attracts customers, and leads to higher sales and better brand awareness. 

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