How To Learn English?

Are you looking for the best website to teach English for beginners for free? We will show you the best sites for learning English for free through the Internet, which have become one of the most popular methods of communication and learning around the world, through which you can learn many things, and it is the most appropriate opportunity for those who cannot go to receive courses and training courses, and given that The English language is the language of the job market that everyone is keen to learn and master. The Internet provides more than one site for you to be able to learn English professionally and for free, and below we will get to know the best free sites for teaching English.

What are the best free sites to learn English?

1- British council learn English
It is a website and one of the official sources for learning English on the Internet, it contains a distinguished number of videos and games that help in receiving the language in a fast way, and audio clips for training in pronunciation and listening, and it also performs many exercises that train the mind to write, read and listen.

2- hellolingo
A site that allows you to learn the language by interacting with other people and having conversations with them. It is not only that much, but also provides many educational lessons that help you understand the language, receive its vocabulary and learn phrases for different situations.

3- duolingo
One of the most famous sites on the Internet to teach English, and there is an application on the phone, and it is a site designed in a way that makes it easy for students to receive information, as it consists of sections for a section for the vocabulary of foods, family, colors, etc. It also has training on writing and listening.

4- English Media lap
A distinguished site suitable for all levels and also a suitable site for children, with more than one game to facilitate the vocabulary of the language, understand the rules of the language strongly, and also conduct electronic conversations with people to strengthen speaking and listening.

5- Talk English
A site rich in many features with more than one audio clip for training in listening skills and correct pronunciation of letters, inside it more than one classification of groups of vocabulary to facilitate recognition and learning correctly, and there is more than one text to help with reading.

6- English Culp
One of the privileged sites that bear great benefit for those who want to learn English, and even for language teachers, it has many instructions that help in learning the language and identifying questions related to IELTS and TOEFL exams, as well as a strong list that includes the strongest and most used vocabulary in the English language.

7- USA Learns
A site that displays the English language in the American pronunciation, a site affiliated with America that offers some courses for free and helps in learning English for beginners and intermediate levels, helps to learn the American pronunciation, master the skill of listening and strengthen reading and writing.

8- English interactive
It is one of the sites that contain content suitable for your children’s education and mastery of the English language, and it is one of the sites that achieve great interaction with its users and help them strengthen the language within them through a group of audio clips and many different vocabulary in all magazines, daily terms and different texts for reading and listening.

9- VOA Learning English It is a news site, but it provides educational content in the English language, through which it displays many video clips, displays a set of common terms in the English language, and the educational episodes presented by the site enters it through the news presented through the site. 10- BBC Learning English A site that takes into account the different levels of English language education and is affiliated with Britain for the BBC, the site contains inside clips of short videos, which makes you not feel bored while learning because it is easy and simple in communicating information. Thus, we have reviewed with you the best free sites for teaching English and we hope that you will achieve the greatest benefit with them.