YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish (The Complete Guide to Learning Spanish):

Personally, I prefer to follow educational channels on YouTube because they are usually useful and of course free. But the problem with using YouTube is that the large number of channels and resources make it difficult to find the best option. Therefore, we will mention four very useful channels for follow-up:

PRACTIQUEMOS channel for learning Spanish:

I think it’s the best option because the content is all in Spanish. It means an ideal channel to start learning Spanish, whether for beginners or advanced learners. You will find videos that are curated and easy to browse.
Easy Spanish Channel:

A great channel, but some videos use the English language for explanations. But in general the way the videos are presented is distinctive and entertaining. I think the channel publishes a new video every Wednesday.

Lirica App Channel:

I wanted to put it on this list because it depends on the principle of teaching the Spanish language through songs, and this is a very useful thing. Therefore, it can be used in support of one of the previous channels.

Last channel Butterfly Spanish:

It features videos that are divided into lessons, so they can be very useful as well.

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Best Mobile Apps to learn Spanish:

There are several options you can count on. But certainly the indispensable application is:

Drops language learning app:

The popular Drops application embodies creative and entertaining ways to learn foreign languages, by integrating a group of interactive games and the best techniques to strengthen memory in memorizing new vocabulary in the language.

This amazing application, which has been downloaded (up to this point) by more than 300 thousand people from around the world, is now considered one of the most rising and widespread applications in the world for learning languages. Through simple and interactive games technology, language learning has become an entertaining and enjoyable thing and part of the daily routine, rather than a burden on the learner.

Yabla language learning app:

This wonderful application we always put it at the top of the list of applications that we recommend on our site due to its great effectiveness. The principle of the application is based on making the person immersed in the process of learning the German language through educational videos that it provides. It supports all levels from beginner to advanced, and is highly recommended, especially if you are trying to develop your listening skills in the German language within a short period.

The most important feature of the applications is that it prompts the person to interact with the videos through a set of games that he supports during the learning stage, thus making the process of learning the German language very entertaining and enjoyable.

SpanishDict app to learn Spanish:

It is the most popular application and website in the world for translation from English to Spanish or vice versa. The application is free and supports translation, learning new vocabulary, grammar and especially the conjugation of verbs and of course, and most importantly the correct pronunciation of the language. Its mobile application is very practical, so add it to your device now.

Quizlet to learn Spanish:

This application helps you greatly in increasing your vocabulary inventory of the Spanish language. This is a very important step. We talked about it in a previous article, and I told you that the most important step in it is to use Flashcards technology to learn new vocabulary in the language.

Maybe we wouldn’t finish the day if we started with a list of apps that can be used, whether Duolingo or Babbel Memrise, Hello Talk, and many more.

However, there is a unique application that may be new to some, called LingQs, an easy-to-use application, and it is highly rated by its users. The advantage in it is that you can use the free version and learn a lot.

Finally, we have a distinctive Hinative application based on the principle of interaction between members, in the form of questions and answers. Thus, a person can put a specific word in the search box across the site and find many questions about this word, and of course find appropriate answers to these questions.

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