Every influencer wants a good ‘connection’ and relationship with their audience. Besides, building rapport makes your audience cooperate and pay attention to you.  But how can you connect with your audience and grow a tight-knit relationship? 

Dan Dasilva is the owner of Impakt, a ‘platform’ where creators build a relationship with their audience. He is also a marketing champion in the e-commerce industry. He has been selling digital products online since 2015, cultivating a massive following of hundreds of thousands of people. Dan has also built an email list of over 200,000 people. Besides, he has also created some of the largest Facebook communities. His YouTube Channel has a massive following of over 136K. With such a significant audience, Dan wanted not only to influence but also to impact, and Impakt was the best option.

The Genesis Of Impakt

Dan worked in the e-commerce industry, cultivating a massive following and has helped others attain their goals in the industry as well. His desire conceived eCom dudes and the 100K blueprint that gave birth to many of the eCommerce entrepreneurs and eCommerce experts in the marketplace we see today. He had a direct influence on these individuals. 

“I’ve always been intrigued with audience building and communication,” says Dan in his response for his love towards Shopify- the best eCommerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, in person or on social media. 

Dan is the first YouTuber to ever talk about Shopify. However, he realized that YouTube was not sufficient in accomplishing the creators needs.  There was also a gap for creators connecting individually to their audience, and he wanted to bridge this gap. Impakt was the only solution. 

Do You Want To Connect With Your Audience?

Connecting to your audience is an essential step in the customer journey funnel. It helps you understand your customers at a personal and higher level. It not only allows you to understand their reactions but also their wants and needs. 

Dan has achieved this goal through Impakt-  a chat application for creators to connect with their audiences. Within the app, he has a free group where anybody who wants to communicate with him can freely connect. Apart from the free group section, he also has a paid group where you can release selective content to few fans for a specific price while uniquely relating to them. 

Why Having A Good Relationship With Your Audience Is Important

Good customer relations are beneficial because thousands are waiting to hear about your brand and business. These relations help increase your relevance, visibility, influence, and profitability. It also helps retain customers and build valuable connections. 

Dan Dasilva’s Impakt can help impact positively on your business through your audience by

  • Skyrocketing sales. 
  • Increasing recognition and awareness.
  • Boost customer retention. 
  • Increase awareness. 
  • Attract first-time clients
  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease complaints. 

A New Dawn: Impakt To Launch Soon

Breaking news; Impakt will launch in September 2020 on Google Play and iTunes store. This app is impressive and straightforward in its usage. Can you imagine creating a free or paid group as a creator that gives you the ability to connect with your most loyal fans? The app will help you create and connect personally with your audience and build close-knit relationships as well as create exclusive content for your fans. 

Propelling A Vision To Greater Heights With A Renewed Spirit

Patience. Persistence. Passion. These 3Ps are what have made Dan build 7 figure products and launched many products. However, that is not the end of the journey. His vision is to help more creators connect to their audience while getting compensated for it. He is bridging the gap of creators maintaining perfect relationships with their audiences while building their future platforms and doing what they love as they get paid. This move will give more creators the power and control and have a closer connection to their audiences. This visionary leader has creators at heart, a beautiful thing to behold. 

Do you want more detailed information about Impakt and how to get started? It would help if you connected to Dan Dasilva for a fantastic opportunity of your lifetime. Success does not just happen; you create it!