Is A Shift Occurring in Your Life? You May Be Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening. Here Are A Few Signs, You Are Being Moved Through This Process with Stephanie Jameson

Are you feeling a shift occur in your life? Possibly noticing that there are synchronistic events happening all around you, almost as though guiding you towards a certain direction? The best person to help you understand what is going on is Stephanie Jameson, an Amazon bestseller author, and owner of Divine Soul Journey.

This intuitive and empowerment coach is all about helping people find clarity, peace, and healing as they are moved through the awakening process. 

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Stephanie says when you experience an awakening, “you are slowly being moved through the process of removing everything within you that is fear based and not in alignment with your true vibration, which is love.” She states that when one is moved through an awakening, a purging process takes place which ultimately leads the person being moved through this experience back to a place of wholeness. 

Ultimately, an awakening leads to a complete and total transformation of the soul and the person being moved through the experience is never truly the same. 

Awakening is also often known as the ascension process. During such a time, Stephanie says “ that there is an acceleration of vibrational energy”, and you begin to become more aware of the energy within and around you. Consequently, it forms a shift in consciousness as one is moved through the experience. Often, the individual being moved through the awakening process moves from fear based living / thinking to love based. 

Spiritual Cleansing

Stephanie is very familiar with the ascension process and states that when one is moved through the ascension process they are moved through a complete and total rebirth. The vibrational shifts that take place are so powerful that there is an expansion of awareness that occurs and the epiphanies, perspective shifts and healing that takes place is incredibly transformative. 

Stephanie refers to the ascension process as a “purification of the soul”, stating that it’s not all sunshine, enlightenment and rainbows. Stephanie states that the ascension process is full of shadow work and the person being moved through this process will be pushed to heal things like honoring the heart, work on issues of codependency, face fears and purging of the ego. Essentially the healing that takes place leads the individual back to a place of wholeness. Essentially, a spiritual cleansing takes place. 

Signs of Ascension

Do you feel as though this is something you are possibly experiencing? Stephanie shares 5 signs that you may be moving through this experience below: 

  1. Experiencing a lot of strange “coincidences” and synchronicity happening at a rapid rate. Such as seeing numbers everywhere and other little events where it seems the universe is trying to get your attention. 
  2. Old unresolved issues / hurts may be coming up for clearing or resolution. 
  3. Feeling as though you have something you came here to do or wanting to change your career to a more heart based career. Feeling the call to serve even. 
  4. Being guided to choose love over fear. 
  5. Feeling a need to love yourself more. 


If you feel as though a shift is occurring in your life or you are possibly just feeling a little lost, Stephanie Jameson has the gift to help you connect with yourself through the awakening process. 

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