Making millions is no easy feat. In fact, most people would probably never be able to say they’ve made a million dollars. J Keitsu, however, made $2M in under 12 months. Which is an even harder feat to achieve.


Before Keitsu dove head first into e-commerce, he was working for a very popular domain and host provider “Godaddy”. When he was working here he discovered the depth of what was possible in e-com since he was talking many e-com owners over the phone. That’s when he picked up the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris and fell in love with the concept.

In 2013 Keitsu quit working for the popular domain host and started his first store. While he had some minor success he sold it to move onto other projects. When he started the other projects they were more learning lessons because all of them were failures up until 2015 where he sold a store in October of 2015. Fast forward to June 2016, Keitsu had his first major breakthrough with e-com but it was nowhere near the recent success he had of making  $1M in 5 months and $2M in 8 months. Now the founder of All the Way Up teaches other entrepreneurs how to grow and scale their e-commerce businesses to the millions. Here’s what Keitsu has learned along the way.


J Keitsu Ecommerce


It’s All About the User

Just because most people are buying online nowadays doesn’t mean people are any less human. In a world filled with automation – intimacy is the new currency. Don’t forget that your customers are people with lives and emotions and logic. If you treat them like numbers you will find yourself making decisions that will ultimately fail you. Create experiences with the user in mind. This will help increase your conversions naturally through simple optimization.


Choose a Product That’s Already Working

Instead of trying to guess what types of product(s) your users will like, sell a product you already know is selling. Your customers have done the hard work for you already by voicing their likes and dislikes with other products. Instead of spending money on advertising and “testing” to see if a product works. Find a product that’s already doing well on the market and now your job is just to send traffic to that product and optimize it for conversion. Your job is no longer to test if that product will convert. It’s now a job of how well will it convert with your audience.


Brand Yourself

One of the best ways to convert customers into clients is to automatically have branding that your customers can trust. Purchases are all about trust. People are trusting you with their money. Branding is also more than just the logo. It’s about the theme and feel of your site. Do you seem legit? Or are you another scam website that just wants to make quick money. Users are looking for minimal information to affirm their desire for purchasing a product. If you can satisfy that need – you will have yourself a converting product with a brand customers can trust.


While these are very generic tips many people forget that the basics are what can level you up to be an incredible entrepreneur. Keep it simple. What did you take away from this article? Comment below!