One of the Most Common Strategies Used to Succeed in E-Commerce is Drop Shipping.


Jeffrey Bunting — the founder of DropShip Mastery, a business in which Jeffrey shares his tips and tricks into making it big in the E-Commerce industry with others through videos and case studies—has always been an avid supporter of Dropshipping.


Drop Shipping can be defined as a method of online sales in which a product is sent from a manufacturer to consumer — through purchase at a 3rd party website.


In Jeffrey’s opinion, Dropshipping is one the best and most successful business models out there for the average person, or somebody looking to build an income online. Low overhead, low risk, low learning curve, high-profit margins. It just makes sense. Before he began his venture into the world of E-Commerce, Jeffrey was just a man with goals. His first goal pertained and applied to his life and the people around him lives. Time, and financial freedom.


Time, as he never wants himself, or others to spend their time on a career, idea, or project that they were not passionate about, or even particularly enjoyed. Financial freedom, in terms of being free of any debt or financial obligations he could not afford or maintain. Jeffrey wanted financial freedom for not only himself, but for his parents as well, and those around him.


In Jeffrey’s eyes, life should be spent the way a person desires to spend it. The best way to achieve this is to start off small.


Jeffrey began his journey as a jiu-jitsu athlete, trying to figure out how to make money without working a job. He spent his free time researching, and reading reviews, and contacting people in various fields before he realized that he wanted to join in on E-Commerce.


For the next 3 years, Jeffrey spent hours of every day learning the ins and out of running an online business, in order to master it. Once he felt he had a strong platform to base his businesses on, he created his first few online business and his E-Commerce Academy. Soon after, he earned his first $2 Million. One of the key steps in raising his businesses to a successful level was making sure that he never had too much on his plate. Dedicating time to his E-Commerce businesses, and his E-Commerce Academy allowed Jeffrey to focus on one project at a time, and make it achieve success, before branching out and thinning the ability to focus on each business specifically.


For those ready to spread their wings, and get in on the E-Commerce business, Jeffrey Bunting makes sure to explain the importance of focused action.

In his eyes, focused action is the single most important thing.


Secondly, Avoid ‘Free Advice’.


There are countless blogs and videos out there sharing loads of information, or get rich quick tips when utilizing drop shipping or business in general. While there may be proof behind some of this information, as a consumer, be careful who you choose to follow. It can be a big factor in determining, launching, or limiting your success.


With this in mind, make sure you find the right (and the latest) information. It really helps to have an individual point of contact, or a mentor, that you can speak with if you get stuck. Building a business around an already successful business strategy is an easy way to get in the game.


By also ignoring your passions, Jeffrey believes you can instead have a clearer look and perspective at what is selling out there right now, and focus on that. Don’t try to come up with one big product that makes you millions. Instead, focus on building up hundreds of small products that make you a few hundred in profit each month.


Once you finally reach your preferred level of success, you must remember to maintain the ability to evaluate your business and constantly scale up the profitable parts, while eliminating the unprofitable ones. Maintaining more discipline and acute understanding that you NEED to put in the time to get yourself to a profitable stage before the hard work pays off, will give you the ability to continue growing your successful business.


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