In today’s climate of the healthcare crisis, industry disruptors have a significant opportunity to step up and make a difference. Henry Camacho, Founder of JOY MD is doing just that. Camacho was born in California to immigrant parents and grew up in the greater Los Angeles Area. With a vision for growth, the serial entrepreneur found success within the medical industry as he led patient acquisition efforts for medical practices around the US with his internet medical marketing company.

Most recently, Camacho launched JOY MD,  a digital health platform that is making it easy for people to find the best healthcare professionals and platforms. The startup launched in January 2020 and while unprecedented, JOY MD’s foundation came at the onset of one of the world’s most devastating health crises. The COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to spread across the globe at the start of 2020, and as the emergency began to spread to the US, Camacho saw an opportunity for his startup to be a part of the response. At a time when there are restrictions in place and limited access to healthcare, JOY MD is helping many Americans connect with the type of care they need from the comfort of their own home.

Taking on COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has come with strict regulations—with 42 states ordering residents to stay at home. Despite this though, people still need access to crucial healthcare services unrelated to COVID-19, including general doctor visits, fertility, pediatric care, OBGYN appointments, mental health services, management of chronic illnesses, and more. Many doctors and other wellness professionals have taken to moving their practice to telehealth platforms, but many patients don’t know where to start when it comes to seeing a doctor online.

JOY MD has published a comprehensive, curated directory of telemedicine platforms and providers that connects potential patients to healthcare providers that offer patients the ability to see a doctor online. 

This gives the patient the ability to see a doctor online in the comfort and safety of their home. People can get medical advice on what to do if they are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19. These are viable alternatives during the pandemic, as people are still struggling with chronic illness and basic needs for healthcare. They are simply not aware that these exist.

“The time to empower patients is now,” Camacho says. “There are millions of people confined to their households because of the COVID-19 crisis who need to know that there are platforms available that can still enable them to take charge of their mental and physical health. There’s no reason patients should have to wait weeks to get care.”

An Alternative to an In-Office Doctor’s Visit 

Now that everyone is being urged to stay at home, what happens to those people with other conditions like mental health, heart problems, diabetes and other health concerns unrelated to COVID-19? JOY MD is offering such people an alternative to the traditional healthcare system. Going to a health facility during this period is not as safe as it was prior to the pandemic. However, people still have chronic conditions that need care. JOY MD’s newly published telemedicine marketplace is designed to connect patients to safe and quality healthcare alternatives for everything including primary health consultations, check ups, and chronic illness management. 

The digital platform connects people to digital health clinics  in mental health, women’s health, primary health, dentists, addiction specialists, therapy, diabetes specialists, physical therapy, genetics, eye specialists, dermatologists, cancer support, counselling, weight loss, gut health and even insurance. JOY MD’s list has most health issues covered, making it easy for patients to search by concern and condition.  Most of these providers have been providing care via telehealth for years and some are newer platforms that specialize in higher touch and tech-enabled healthcare.

JOY MD is also connecting patients with digital health clinics or telehealth platforms who can help with prescriptions. Because healthcare systems across the globe are being overwhelmed by the pandemic, people with chronic illnesses are struggling to get basic care and treatment. Camacho is determined to help as much as possible.

JOY MD is also highlighting digital clinics that are offering COVID-19 Self-Assessments making the tool even more useful during the pandemic.  Digital health clinics are slowly becoming viable alternatives to the problems the traditional healthcare system can’t solve.