The online language learning market has had significant growth over the years. This market is forecasted to grow by $18.61 billion during 2020-2024. There are several reasons for this rising demand. One of the reasons is the dominance of English use mainly on the internet. Presently, 56% of online content in English. 

We talked to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the language learning industry. Kale Anders is the owner of an online English learning program called RAIO with over 10000 members and growing. 

The Journey 

In 2016, Kale travelled to Mexico to study his master’s degree. While he was there, he immersed himself in culture. The young traveller didn’t find Spanish to be a challenging language. He figured out an unorthodox way of learning this foreign language in just 90 days. Motivated by his success, Kale studied language learning theory. He then opened a YouTube channel, where he shared all the lessons that he had learned about learning a foreign language. 

When Kale began uploading his content on YouTube, his YouTube subscription grew from 0 to 500,000 subscribers in less than 3 months. Kale had a significant impact on Spanish speakers who wanted to learn English. He, unlike traditional learning institutions, was providing unconventional means to learning. 

Kale’s online learning academy is a disruptive business. Why? Because he provides new techniques for language learning. One of the methods that he uses is to prioritize listening.

Kale also encourages his students to gain a positive attitude towards learning. Language learning is challenging. However, when you approach it with a negative attitude, you lengthen the time it takes to learn it. When Kale was in Mexico, he didn’t view Spanish as an obstacle. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity. Kale fell in love with the culture, the people, the language and the food. He associates this immersion in the culture as one of the reasons for his success. “You have to enjoy the experience of language learning. I encourage my students to go to social media and make friends with native speakers. The continual chat helps you learn the language quickly. I even encourage them to go ahead and try Tinder, just for the sake of forcing themselves to speak English. Also, love is a powerful motivator. When you find a lover who speaks a foreign language, you will be the most motivated to learn that language,” says Kale.Nine out of ten startups fail within the first five years of their operation. But, Kale’s startup thrived in a matter of months. In just under six months, his company went from 0 to generating over a million dollars a month in revenue.