Mayur Patil

Social media has become a vital part of today’s society. Over 60% of the world owns a mobile phone. That has made it important for brands to target mobile phone users in order to boost growth. Many brick and mortar businesses are moving online as social media proves to be a great tool for growth. However, not all mobile phone users can access the internet, which creates a need to reach those who can’t through text messages.

Unsurprisingly, entrepreneurs are realizing the power of SMS in marketing. Modern media and tech lover, Mayur Patil, has experience building engaged social media fan bases and  SMS lines, which could be of great help for companies and those looking to up their business through these avenues.

The 21-year-old is pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Science at Purdue University and has built the largest social accounts in the beauty & fashion space, plus a number of web-applications from landing pages to full marketing platforms. 

Growing Social Media

A lot of what Mayur has learned in this field is from connections with top players of the industry. In December 2019, Mayur started working with 10PM Curfew. Mayur led growth and strategy for the brand, which is a women’s network founded by Bella Thorne. There he was responsible for growing their social channels across Instagram and TikTok. This project yielded the largest TikTok pages in the women’s entertainment and fashion space. The numbers speak for themselves. Mayur went on to grow the two TikTok accounts to 5.6 million followers each in five months. Through TikTok, he was able to drive over 150k followers to 10PM Curfew’s Instagram channels in one week. 

Mayur believes that brands should capitalize on opportunities available and be focused on acquisitions on new social media platforms. Getting stuck on one platform keeps you from realizing opportunities available on other platforms. The good thing is that if you have maintained a presence in one platform, when a new one pops up it will be easier to join and gain following faster. You can promote a new account in the one with the most followers.

SMS Channels

After the internet came in, a lot of messenger apps started coming up. Many people thought that it was just a matter of time until people stopped communicating using text messages. Contrary to that, SMS seems to be going nowhere. It has evolved in some ways but not much has changed when it comes to the use of SMS to communicate. Most people did not realize it but marketing using SMS is more effective than email as it is direct to inbox. Having built SMS channels himself, Mayur knows all too well the power of SMS.

While doing great things across social media, Mayur also built an SMS line to over 172k contacts within one month. That only demonstrates the effectiveness of a text message. While not everyone will receive an email on their mobile phone, even the guy with the cheapest mobile phone will receive an SMS. It is also not easy to avoid hitting the spam box. Even if the email goes through, the probability of the recipient somehow finding your message through a whole collection of emails is slim to none. Research shows that SMSs are opened about 98% of the time and responded to about 45% of the time. In contrast, emails on the other hand get only read 20% of the time and responded to 6%.

To this day, Mayur has built over 15 million followers on a variety of social platforms. He thinks brands should realize the power of SMS and tap into it. Most 21-year-olds probably can’t imagine what life will be like at 30, but it’s almost a guarantee that SMS will yield the highest engagement. There is no better time to build SMS lines than today. Mayur’s track-record is proof that his techniques work, and will work for any company across all domains.