Nobody Can Stop Your Dreams; You Can Live to The Fullest If You Do This

Dreams are what people envision for themselves in the future, which is often set high. However, looking at the point you are in life, and the goals you want to achieve could be discouraging, as your resources or abilities may not match those dreams. Nonetheless, what matters most is the fire burning inside you to achieve something; the determination and grit. It requires a positive mindset and willpower to be where you want to. A study by Small Business Trends shows that 82% of successful entrepreneurs had faith in their capabilities to achieve their goals. Again, 51% of entrepreneurs believe that the best way to acquire more entrepreneurship skills is by starting a business.

 An entrepreneur, Birgit Yegülalp, founder of Cheering with Birgit, helps professionals or people with potential who hold onto their capabilities get off their comfort zone and explore their potentials. Birgit was in the corporate world and held top positions but still quit to start her own business. Yegulalp went from a headhunter, left to work where she loved most as a scuba instructor, and finally started her business. Birgit knew she would fully be herself by starting a business, although she never knew what to venture in at first. She eventually decided to help those in the corporate world overcome their fears when she noticed the concern. These are what you could do to live a meaningful life.

Deciding on What is Important to You

It’s about deciding what you want to do and what you could do to make you happy and content. It could be writing a blog post each day, coming up with fabulous creations, impacting a community. It would help if you did what makes you happy, and everything else will fall in place. If you enjoy being in a job, do so, if your soul is satisfied in volunteering, invest In it, or if starting your business is your longtime dream, strive to make it happen. That’s the only way you could live with contentment and joy.

Take Risks

It may seem as if I am sending you to a pit on taking risks due to its uncertainty. Risk-taking is never manageable as we don’t know the outcome, but failure to take them will lock you from great opportunities in life and explore what the world could offer. Every reward in life is a result of risks. You will also learn to live your life to the fullest compared to staying in your comfort zone. Birgit Yegulalp says that out of your comfort zone is where you thrive.

Avoid Compromising Your Values

Your code of ethics should not be conceded to anyone or anything. If you don’t feel right about something, avoid it as it will leave you full of regrets. You need to appreciate and love your personalities and abilities and do what you feel is right. Love for oneself will prompt you to do much more in life, enjoying every step of the way.  

Keep an Open Mind

There are different angles you could look at a situation to make sense out of it. You could be right about something, but there are also other ways to look at it. Listen to ideas, even those you disagree with, try to understand to give a fair judgment. Being open to ideas will make your brain active and healthy as you continue to learn. Avoid assumptions about your know-how as there will always be something to learn from others. 

Taking Action on What Matters to You

Once you recognize what is important to you or something that makes you happy, you should cut the excuses and act on them. Put your ideas, passions, and interests into action to live a fulfilling life. What differentiates millionaires from the rest is that they will never keep speaking about their visions and goals but gradually act on them. Ideas and dreams are useless if you fail to act on them. 


You are the only one who could limit yourself from achieving what you envision for yourself. Act on your fears, insecurities, mindset, and you will in no time be living life to your fullest such that regrets will never be part of you. Follow Birgit on either of these accounts;



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