Unfortunate events and failures are among the inevitable of life. Everyone will run into them at some point in time. In some instances, people will go through difficult situations more than once in their lives. We could say that these are permanent fixtures in our lives. So, people should not wonder if they experience events that bring heartaches, loss, and disappointment.

Life empowerment coach Rose Young shared that life is full of ups and downs. Life could hit people so hard that they feel discouraged. “But they should not feel disheartened. Most of the time, painful events in our lives are aligning us towards our true destiny,” Coach Rose said.

Coach Rose explained that overcoming the past is crucial to our destiny. Everyone will face difficult situations, but not everyone knows how to emerge victorious from them. It is good to know that Coach Rose is here to teach and guide people on overcoming their brokenness so they can move towards their destiny.

Two Life-Changing Events

Coach Rose has been working as a certified Cardiologist Technologist and a part-time Personal Health Care Worker. But life will redirect her to a different path brought by two terrible car accidents.

In 2008, her life turned upside down when she got involved in a triple car road accident. “The crash was so impactful that I sustained multiple injuries in my neck, my left leg, and my back,” Coach Rose recalled. She revealed that she suffered the worst injury on her back. “I felt an excruciating pain in my lower back. It was so severe that I couldn’t walk, sit or stand for more than five minutes before changing position,” she added.

Coach Rose survived the vehicular accident and went through with her life. All along, she thought that it was the most harrowing experience she ever faced. Little did she know that another one was not far ahead.

Several years later, Coach Rose was once again involved in another vehicular accident. “The second car accident was far worse than the first one. It was a road mishap involving not only two cars but four vehicles. So can you imagine how terrible it was,” she said. She suffered multiple injuries worse than the first car accident. Her injuries greatly affected her daily life.

“My injuries hindered me from doing my job. I was unable to go to work for several years. I ended up losing my job,” Coach Rose said. Without any work, Coach Rose could no longer afford to pay for their home and eventually lost it. She found herself unable to support the needs of her children. Her friends left her at the lowest point of her life. “I begin to doubt myself. I lost my self-confidence,” she continued.

Coach Rose felt lost, depressed, and anxious.  “I had to endure the excruciating pain, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. My brokenness was beyond broken,” she shared.

Overcoming The Past

Coach Rose realized that everything happening to her is affecting her three children. She became aware that she was not only responsible for herself but her children as well. Coach Rose forgot that while she was walking in the dark, her children were also experiencing the same.  “As a mother, how can I let that happen to my children,” she said.

She moved towards becoming well by embracing the power of positive statements to overcome her brokenness. Every morning, she imbibed positive thoughts. “I spoke positive things to myself each morning to start my day on the positive side,” she added. “I also had a What I am Thankful For List, which reminds me of the good things in my life,” she said. She also sought the help of a chiropractor to assist her in dealing with the constant pain and reduce the various medications that she was taking. 

“I did everything I could to be better.  And, most importantly, I told myself I could, and I did,” Coach Rose said.  

Lessons From Her Brokenness

Coach Rose remarked that overcoming the past is essential to unleash our God-given potential. “People sometimes dwell on their painful events and contemplate their impact on their lives. They tend to overlook the lessons they brought, which can help them move towards their destiny,” she said. 

Coach Rose explained that negative thoughts would continue to flood people’s minds if they failed to overcome the past. “As we all know, negative thoughts could derail us from achieving our full potential. Negative thinking is a vicious cycle which is difficult to escape,” she added. She can personally attest to how tough it is to get out of the depressing state of mind.

“It is crucial to change our negative thoughts with positive ones,” Coach Rose shared. She utilized the power of positive affirmation to overcome brokenness. Coach Rose embraced positive thoughts by starting her day with self-talk of positive things. She did that every morning to let positivity percolate throughout her day.

Coach Rose also started doing a What I am Thankful For List. “It was a list of everything good about my life every day. I want to remind myself that there is always something to be thankful for every day,” she added. 

Her Mission

Coach Rose learned many lessons from the car accidents that altered her life. She wants to use those lessons to help other people overcome the past. “I want to guide them to rise out of their brokenness and pain and become empowered individuals,” she added.

She empowers other people with encouraging words by providing a glimpse of her survival story and testimonials from those who have successfully conquered brokenness. “I help them find clarity on what they want and see the possibilities. I urge them to have greater expectations of themselves. Once they have that expectation, they are empowered to follow their hearts and accomplish their dreams,” Coach Rose said.

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