Starting a new business is not easy to accomplish. It requires sheer determination and much hard work before it will yield positive results. Many people who want to be an entrepreneur will ask how to build a business. What are the ingredients needed to make it work? There is no standard answer. It will all depend on the industry and the individual.

For Peter Salib, utilizing his skills in public relations, sales, business development, partnerships, and strategy–in addition to his extensive network are the essential ingredients in creating a profitable business. Salib not only provides public relations services to startup technology companies–but he becomes a partner that delivers multi-dimensional value. “I have my ear to the ground, always looking for dots to connect. An intro from a trusted peer can have a great impact which is my goal when working with any company on PR or sales” Salib said. Salib continued that public relations play a vital role in promoting a product or a brand. An effective public relations strategy can help generate more revenue through greater awareness and building social proof around a product or a brand.

Who Is Peter Salib?  

Currently, Salib is a columnist at Grit Daily–a leading news site covering Millennial and Gen Z brands. Salib also contributes to Thrive Global along with several other publications and covers events, technology, startups, gadgets, founders, and telling remarkable stories. He works with startups by providing services on media, content writing, events, sales, and valuable intros. With his vast array of skills and value to offer, Salib is sometimes called a Solutionist or Super-Connector.

“It all started back in college when I was working on an idea with some of my buddies. We got entangled in the local entrepreneurial communities and from there, we wanted a taste of the big leagues. We hustled to save up and get to the biggest tech event in the country—Consumer Electronics Show(CES). It was a life-changing experience that put me on the journey I have been enjoying ever since,” Salib shared. CES is an annual trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada that features the latest products, innovations, and services in consumer technology and attracts over 175,000 professionals.

Salib said that attending his first CES trade show really opened his eyes to how many opportunities were out there. “I saw that there are many tech startups that offer great products and services. But most people do not know about them because many of the startups do not have the skills to do marketing. They need exposure and to build credibility among the consumers,” Salib narrated. Salib realized that he could fill up that niche to help startups get a notice by consumers through public relations. Since then, he has earned many equities and built a massive professional network leveraging the power of giving first and providing multi-dimensional value.

Building A Vast Network 

For the past eight years, Salib has never missed attending the CES trade show in Las Vegas which landed him the opportunity to share his insights gleaned from CES with BoldTV in their NYC studio. Salib is an avid participant in trade shows, conferences, and events nationwide–and even internationally. In the last three years alone, he has participated in about 100 large conferences and, on average, attended three conferences monthly. He has met and connected with many celebrities, athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs– and has the Instagram to prove it.

“I’ve noticed that founders spend so much time head down in their product and market, that they miss out on opportunities out of their direct peripheral. This is where I come in. I tap my extensive network and keep my clients top of mind while I network so I can identify opportunities and bring them to the table. There’s an art to relationship-building” Salib interjected.

Learning Industry Leaders

Salib said that other than creating a vast network, conferences and events offer him the opportunity to learn from leaders of various industries. Over the years, Salib has been present for a vast number of keynotes delivered by celebrities, artists, industry leaders, and business titans–from Barack Obama to Lindsay Vonn to Meek Mill–who all helped in refining and molding his ideas. 

“Industry events allow us to meet and talk to many people across various markets. We usually exchange thoughts and insights on many topics. Those conversations are a gold mine for new ideas and allow me to hone my understanding in so many areas,” Salib mentioned. He continued that if entrepreneurs want to learn more about an entire landscape of an industry–conferences and events are great places to start.

Earning Equities

Throughout the years, Salib has helped many tech startups grow by providing public relations services and opening doors to potential partners, investors, and clients. “In the case with early-stage startups, they cannot pay full compensation for the service. So, they often offered equity-based pay wherein they either partially or fully paid my service with equity in the company,” he explained.

Salib’s role was instrumental in the growth of many promising startups ranging from eCommerce, fashion tech, nightlife, food tech, and some fintech. As a result, Salib earned a considerable amount of equities from multiple startups. 

Creating Opportunity

When asked how he is consistently able to generate new opportunities, Salib identified his secret sauce as “an innate ability to connect the dots and see win-win opportunities without much effort.” In 2018, while working on a PR campaign marketing physical products, Salib found him coordinating a product showcase segment on the Today Show with Kathy Lee & Hoda in which he offered up his dog to model the product. They accepted and his Cairn terrier Scruffy went to the Big Apple to be on national television.

Salib’s opportunity-oriented mindset led him to be a cofounder of an event-tech company, Event Integrity, in which he helped build throughout 2018 and 2019. Recently, Event Integrity was sold and is now under new ownership. Salib transitioned out and onto other endeavors

In A Nutshell

Through the power of an intro, Salib has helped a startup grow its business after introducing its owner to an angel investor who provided financial backing of $1 million. It is proof of the vastness of the network that Salib has built over the years and his deep-rooted experience in entrepreneurship and corporate operations. One of his satisfied clients remarked that Salib’s expertise and his network would give any collaborator an edge when it comes to business development. “I can recall many problems in which Salib used his curiosity and norm-breaking approach to move projects forward,” the client added. Truly, Salib is a solutionist, a storyteller, and a people connector molded into one.

If you want to grow your business, Salib is always ready to help you. Visit his website at or send him a message at