Recommended institutes in America

With the increase in the need to master the English language, which is considered the mother tongue in many countries of the world, the need to search for the best language learning institutes, especially in America, increases due to the interest of many students to enroll in universities there, those universities that the vast majority of which require applicants to be enrolled in them. Has a good level of proficiency in the language to facilitate the process of communication, whether with other students of different nationalities or lecturers.

Some universities require the student to present certificates proving that he has obtained a training course in TOEFL or IELTS, and here he is forced to search for recommended institutes in America to study the language in a professional manner that guarantees access to the degree of proficiency, while obtaining academic certificates approved by the official authorities, which will greatly benefit you when Study abroad or apply for any job or travel scholarship.


What are the recommended English language institutes in America?

We review with you the best recommended institutes in America for proper language learning in terms of focusing on proper pronunciation, good listening, and speaking of various dialects, with a commitment to apply the best learning techniques.

EC English Language Schools

The world-famous institute in teaching the English language in a professional and innovative way, the institute has many branches in various countries of the world as well as spread in many vital American cities such as Boston, New York, Washington and many other cities, the institute focuses on the practical side in practicing the language and for this we find it organizes many From group activities as well as leisure trips.

The institute also provides many training courses for all people at various levels, and teaching is carried out under the supervision of a group of skilled language experts and professional professionals, and among the most prominent courses offered by the institute is a general English language course at a cost of $ 390 per week, in addition to providing an intensive course in language or business at a cost. $ 495 per week, and you can benefit from an intensive TOEFL preparation course at a cost of $ 495.

Eurocentres Institute

One of the best recommended institutes in America for language learning, as it is one of the professional educational institutions that have more than 35 branches in many countries of the world, and is located in the city of San Diego, USA, the institute constantly seeks to apply the latest learning techniques using the best modern technologies.

The institute is equipped to receive all students from different parts and includes many buildings equipped to the highest level, in addition to containing a library with many important references, and the institute provides free internet service and rest rooms.

The institute also offers many training courses for all age groups, including a general language course at a cost of $ 268 per week, in addition to intensive courses in IELTS preparation or an intensive language course at a cost of $ 377.

Kaplan Institute

It is one of the educational edifices distinguished in the quality of education and is considered one of the best recommended institutes in America and many countries of the world. Language learning is not limited to the institute’s buildings only, but there is keenness and great interest from those responsible for the institute on practical application and effective language practice, and this is done by many From activities and adventures.

The institute is also equipped at the highest level and includes many modern tools such as listening laboratories and has a computer lab with free internet service for students. The training courses at the institute vary between a general course to learn the fundamentals and basics of language at a cost of $ 430, and there is an intensive course at a cost of $ 535 per week.

LSI Language School

One of the institutes that many students of different nationalities visit to learn the origins of the English language and dialects, and be able to gain mastery, in addition to obtaining an academic certificate approved by the British Council.

The institute provides many training courses that are offered by a group of language experts, including a general language course at a cost of $ 395 per week, a preparation course for TOEFL at a cost of $ 500 per week, in addition to an intensive language course at a cost of $ 500 also per week.

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