Pleasure is part of life to get off the pressures of work and for self-development. The question is, are you satisfied with the delight you give yourself? Are you looking to refine it to be of higher standards? If that is the case, it will help if you sought Kristjan Podgornik’s products and services. He has an international brand named ‘Golden Experience’ whose purpose is enhancing happiness and sharing. His products are not the only luxury, but they also influence healthy indulgence due to the natural goods used in the making. 

About Kristjan Podgornik

Being a son to an international art dealer and being raised on artists’ responsiveness like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, Kristjan curated his craft from a young age. Also, growing up in a place surrounded by beauty, Slovenia, Kristjan developed an interest in creating first-class innovation to offer a fantastic experience. He enhances golden services in culinary treats, in the organic oil with 24 karats gold flakes, travel, and events. He is a product designer, event & travel organizer, and business advisor. His brand mainly serves people who expect nothing but the best. It is a pure reflection of who he is and his taste.

The Golden Experience

The organic extra virgin olive oil is golden because it is infused with 24 karat gold flakes to refine the previous olive oil. Its curators only select the finest award-winning natural and organic goods to use. It ranks as the world’s best and has won numerous awards, including Sol D’Oro, a significant international oil competition globally. And to more fascination, the product is based in Istria, by the Mediterranean Sea. This place has been ranked thrice as the best in the world for olive oil production. It also has made a way to Michelin-star chefs, Hollywood stars, and the former US First Lady, Melania Trump.  

The product comes with a package:

  • a handmade velvet box
  • hand-printed gold embellishments
  • a black glass cap with real gold hand-burned-on
  • glass decorations created by the world’s best
  • an engraved tree on the glass

The product is not only appealing but also its purpose. Every bottle also has a personalized card with a message that wishes you a great Golden Experience with your favorite friends while enjoying quality meals.

Redefining Your Pleasure with Natural Goods

Natural is healthy. Not many would have thought that they can experience infinite happiness with natural goods. Kristjan is making genuine goods worthwhile to use and get the best experience with them. His products aim at bringing joy and sharing. He hopes people enhance their experience with his products with their close friends and family. He has a rich taste in luxury goods such that Melania Trump has used his organic olive oil. His concern for his clients is top-notch as he ensures they get the best of the best products and services. You certainly can experience perfect moments with his products and his services.