Across industries, finding new customers is one of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. There is so much competition as an online platform makes it easier to build a business. Even in the healthcare industry, providers are experiencing the same problem. Patients today have more options for their healthcare needs than ever before.

Moreover, the Internet made health information accessible to many people who sometimes opt to browse the Web rather than visiting a medical practitioner. Entrepreneur Matt Prados knows very well the challenges besetting every healthcare professional. Matt said that they all want to win more patients in the highly competitive healthcare landscape.

Matt is the founder of Review Wave, the leading provider of platform reputation management and review marketing. His company built software to help chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals land more clients through automation.

Some Background About Matt
Matt is not a newcomer when it comes to using technology for the marketing efforts of a healthcare professional. He started his entrepreneurship journey by establishing a digital marketing company that offers digital marketing strategies to chiropractors like AdWords, Facebook ads, and conversion optimization.

Then, Matt embarked on developing software that automates the feedback process. It was the first initial version of his software designed to help healthcare professionals get more reviews. Online reviews are powerful word-of-mouth marketing that can drive new patients. The software also paved the way to the establishment of a new business, Review Wave.

Matt’s clients implemented the automation, hoping to get the results they were expecting. Everybody got results. However, he discovered that the results widely differ from one client to another. Healthcare providers who were already getting good reviews got way more reviews, while those who only have fewer still got a limited number of reviews.

It perplexed Matt for some time, so he decided to dig deeper and examine the negative feedback from patients. He found out that not all patients are happy at their doctor’s office. It all boils down to poor healthcare experience.

Investing In Patient Experience
“We all had good doctors or unpleasant bedside manners, and that is not a great experience. We also had those not-so-great doctors but with great bedside manners. It did not lead to a good outcome either. That is why we developed the software for doctors who are among the top in their field to become better with the personal side of healthcare,” Matt narrated.

Matt added that they used automation to streamline business processes so patients will receive the best healthcare experience possible. “We discovered that automating some specific healthcare processes improves the patient experience and makes your patients happier,” he added.

Patient experience can result in more satisfied patients. Happier patients can have an impact on a business’s bottom line. First, patients who are delighted with the service of their healthcare providers will keep on coming back – client retention. Second, satisfied clients are the best form of free marketing because they will recommend their healthcare providers to family members, relatives, and friends. It is one way of acquiring new patients.

Third, satisfied people tend to write good online reviews about their healthcare providers. It could boost a health professional’s reputation. A better reputation is more likely to attract new patients to their clinic. Even in other industries, online reviews are a powerful tool in getting new clients. Researchers have found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews, like how they trust a personal recommendation. And people tend to purchase more on brands or businesses with excellent reviews. It only shows that online reviews do matter in new client acquisition.

Getting New Patients
Matt said that the Review Wave offers convenience to patients of healthcare professionals. The company founder noted that making patients’ lives easier when transacting with their healthcare providers will work wonders for the business.

“Healthcare professionals who tap our software are getting good results. They have now provided off-chart patient experience to people. It brought more positive reviews, which improved their reputation. Most of them started getting new patients for the first time from the Internet because of their reputation. Many of them are getting 100 new patients using the software annually,” Matt continued.

One of Review Wave’s clients shared his success story. He said that he usually got an average of 280 new patients every year with marketing efforts. But when he started using Review Wave in 2019, he narrated that things got better. He got 307 new patients in 2019 and another 400 new patients the following year without any external marketing efforts.

The Bigger Picture
Matt said that their software is providing good results to healthcare professionals. In the bigger scheme of things, the software is helping improve the lives of many people. “To illustrate this, we will use our online scheduling app as an example. Our app allowed many patients to visit their doctors because scheduling appointments is easier regularly,” he added.

Matt would have never imagined that software designed to streamline processes could positively impact the healthcare of tens of millions of patients. “Helping improve people’s healthcare is the most awesome effect of our software,” he continued.

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