Often, people get trapped by their comfort zones or failures. In the process, they lose their purpose and get disconnected from the process that would drive them to succeed in their business or life. But are you one of these people? The time to rise is now and explore your potential. You can become a champion in every area of your life. 

Rowan Wiechmann is one perfect example of this narrative. . He went from sharing his parents’ divorce at 12, to being bullied in primary school. He started ‘wearing a mask’ just to fit in with society. He realized he lacked a clear vision and joined the military at 18, becoming a leader. Just as he had started gaining confidence, the alpha culture made him still wear a mask. After drinking, cheating, and quitting a relationship, he started living his true authentic self, becoming a pure man.

Today he is the owner of ‘The Pure Man,’ a company passing virtues to young, ambitious men in business who want to rise to new standards. He has positioned himself as a modern style high performance and leadership coach for young business people.

The following are some of the top secrets by Rowan Wiechmann on how you can raise your standards. 

Discipline & Resilience

Self-discipline is one single aspect that any successful person must have. It holds you accountable for your actions. Additionally, self-discipline helps you remove distractions and make you focus on your goal. Discipline will help you create habits that will propel you to your path of success. It will also help you to learn, grow and become your best version. 

On the other hand, resilience will empower you to always bounce back from a complex or challenging situation. It will re-energize you always to continue. 

Willingness To Sacrifice

This fact is another aspect you must embrace if you ever dream of rising. You have heard that it was once said, ‘success does not just happen; you create it.’ That is true. Growing in life is never a walk in the path. It calls for sacrifice. Just like the military gives their life for the interest of others, you should also learn how to let go of certain things in your life. Rowan learned this key aspect while serving in the military. 

Team Work

No army man can win a battle alone. It calls for collaboration, teamwork, and understanding the power of unity. Teamwork helps build trust and confidence. Besides, it encourages healthy risk-taking and fosters creativity and learning. Great ideas don’t come from lone geniuses. Therefore, you need to work with a team of like-minded individuals. They will help you raise your standards. In other words, the more you engage with ‘hot people,’ the more you increase your temperature. 

Change Your Perspective And Mindset

Success begins in mind. How you look at your world can determine how far you can go. Rowan is helping people change their mindsets. Why? Because chances are you will become what you envision. It would help if you started looking at things from a winning perspective. It will scale you to the next level. 


No one can underestimate the power of networking. That is why Rowan is helping people to understand why networking is essential for them to grow. Networking will help you strengthen your business connections, get fresh ideas, raise your profile, gain more knowledge, build confidence, have a different perspective, develop a long-lasting personal relationship.  


The above aspects will make you a leader in all aspects of your life. Be disciplined and resilient, be willing to sacrifice, embrace teamwork, change your perspective of things, and network. These aspects are what helped Rowan change his narrative in the coaching field. He has built multiple 6-figure businesses within a year of starting, helped over twenty men scale their business by 2-7X while growing across all areas of life. Also, Rowan has led teams of up to 60+ people in a high-tech company. He has also helped entrepreneurs like Louis Goraz Ferguson, a 6-figure marketing agency scale to 20K+ days. It also helped Federico Sanna shift his perspective and closed six new deals in 4 days. 

You can connect to Rowan on; 

Email: rowan@firstrowdigital.nl

Instagram: www.instagram.com/rowan.wiechmann

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rowanwiechmann/

Website: www.thepureman.com