The Rugby sports fame needs no introduction. Rugby is one of the most viewed sports globally, and its craze is on cloud 9. Rugby is not just a game, and it’s the emotions of millions.

And, there’s no such thing that can calculate people’s love for the sport rugby. Hence, many people are coming together, and we are witnessing lots of new teams in this sport.

rugby team names:

Do you know what makes your team the complete team? Well, it’s players, coach, supporting staff, Jersey, logo, etc. But, after forming a team, a primary important thing is your team’s name. 

This article is all about the list of rugby team names that will help your team to get the best name.

No Rugby No Try

Strictly Rugby Dancing

Don’t Try For Me

Oztag Footy Force

The Velcro Taggers

Just Don’t Give a Ruck

Ball Grabbers

Swift Kick in the Grass

Inappropriate Touching

Nuts and Jugs

The Untouchables

Wu Tag Clan

How I tackled your mother

Scrum and Coke

I Got 99 Problems

But My Kick Ain’t One

Maul of Duty

One Maul Step For Man

Quick Play Drills

The Untagables

Game, Set and Snatch RFC

The First Nowell

From the Centre Line

Scrum Like it Hot

Victorious Secret

Ref’s Nuts

Kickaholics Anonymous

Yippee Try Yey

Double Scrum and Coke

The Fair Dinkum Force

Lethal Taggers

Always on Top RFC

The Tag Shouters

Try-ranosaurus Rex

Crossing the Try Line

Cool Rugby Team Names

Believe it or not, rugby is one of the coolest sports that people across the globe like. Hence, cool people are coming together and forming their own coolest rugby teams. But, not all of them are cool enough to get the cool team name. So, here’s the list of the coolest rugby team names:

Running For Gaps

Fancy a Quick-Tag?

The Untagables

The Tag Rugby Ranks

City Vs Country

All Grab And No Tag

Can’t Stop Tagging

Jackal That

Influential Dodgers

Kick Tease

Live And Let Try

Beer Naked Rugby

Al Try-Eda


Hawaii Try-O

One Maul Step For Man

The Jockstrap Boys

First Steps Forward

Still Don?t Give a Ruck

Just Don’t Give a Ruck

Born To Be Taggers

The Jockstrap Boys

Ruck Be a Lady

Tag Me Up & Down


Touching U16’s

Try Hard With Avengeance

Try Is The Limit

Serial Taggers

House Of Flying Taggers

The Law Blacks

Southern Fairies


Win Or Lose On The Booze

Victorious Secret

Tagquila Shots

The Try Rugby Boys

Tag Rugby Rippers

Game, Set, And Snatch RFC

The Undertaggers

One Kick Wonders

Egg Chasers

Bumping Into Penalties

Sin Bin Squad Of Rugby

Tags Or Flags

We’re Going To Need a Biggar Boat!

Halfbacks And Halfwits

The 3 Du Preezs

Live And Let Try

Bohemian Rhapsladey

Care And Attention

Why Be Great 

Advantage Rule Applies In Game

Velcro Pants Chasers

Wu Tag Clan


Mo’Unga Mo’Problems

May The Ford Be With You

True Blue Taggers

You Can Be Goode

No Faf-Fing About

The Faz Is Mightier Than The Ford

No Pococking Chance

Amazing Rugby Team Names 

Have you ever watched or played rugby? Wasn’t you feel amazing on first try? And, it’s obvious that you still have that amazing feeling for the sport rugby. If you have your rugby team, don’t you think that your team name should be equally amazing as the game? So, here’s the list of the amazing rugby team names:

Overhill, Underhill, 

Wandering Free

Global Bro Sports RFC

Heading North

Five Tries to Tag

Crooked Hookers

Silence of the pat lams

Chilliboy Con Kearney

Forwards are people too

My Sexton’s on fire

Lood De Jager Bomb

No Faf-fing About

Folau The Leader

Prevailing Players

Roko and Roll

Only the Goode 

Dai Young Rugby Club

The Maximum Eight

On the Dead Ball Line

Try-ranosaurus Rex

Always on Top RFC

Legion of boom

Kickaholics Anonymous


Te’o and Crumpets

What the Fekitoa was that?

It doesn’t Mata

The Jockstrap Boys

Blood, sweat and beers

Dark side of the Ben Moon

The Top Bloke Team

15 Andy Goodes

Kyle Sinkpintler

Luck of the London Irish

Full Contact Outlaws

You, Me and 3 Du Preez

The Knock-On Network

Dirty Bastareaud

If I had a tagger

Live Fast, Dai Young

Try Hard with avengeance

Silence of the pat lams

Yippee Try Yey


Southern Fairies

United in Power

Jackal That

Taking the Lawes 

To Me, Toomua

The Dummy Half

One Try Short of a Bonus Point

All Levels of Fun

Going, Going, Goneva

Key Motivators

Six Du Preezs of Seperation

Old Piss Poorians

Get your Kitshoff

Kruis-ing to victory


Legion of boom

Free Birds

Dream Crushers

Hustlin’ Owls


Best of the Best

Golden Flashes

Are We There Yet?


Awkward Turtles

I hart-ley touched him


Soul Spartans


Digital Divas

Alpha Team


Beer Pressure

The Posse

The Pink Posse

The Bosses

Latest Rugby Team Names

Rugby is surely not the latest sport. But, it’s introducing so many latest teams, with the latest players, and the latest spirit. However, it is always a hurdle to get the latest name. So, here are the latest rugby team names for your brand new team:

Star Busts

Swag Partners

Public Square


Honey Bees

Wasted Potential


Bingo Wives

This team Israel

Leigh Goode



Loving Ones

Thundering Herd



The Teddy Bears

The Rebellion

Hot Cheetos

Devil’s Advocate


Girls Of Glory


Innings Stars

Flock Together

Rampage on Top


Purple Power



Unlimited Point Catchers

Mind Benders

Bullets on Soul

Python Rangers



Team No. 1

Enter the tag on

Dolls With Balls


No Sympathy

One More Team Name


No Sympathy

Offensive Odors

No Shame

Strong Signals

Ooh Lá Lá

No Mercy

We Get It Right

Life Is a Highway

Hot Shots

Gentlemen’s Club

The Ringleaders

Little Spoons

0% Risk

Extreme Rugby People

Connected Souls

Charlie’s Angels

Connect the Dots

Wolf Pack

Wombo Combo

The Top Class

Legion of boom

Raging Bulls

Keep It 100

Shake it up

Anyone Can Play!

Lone Wolfpack

The Company of Rugby Giants

Unique Rugby Team Names

Rugby is not a unique sport. Instead, it’s the most common sport that is played across the globe. If you are having a rugby team, you know that there’s nothing unique about it. However, you can have a unique name for your team. Here’s the list of the unique rugby team names:


Lovable and Lazy

Champions of Ballin’

The Executives

The Mean Ones

Gossip Geese

Darling Angels


Birds of a Feather

Hustlers of Soul

The Dear Ones

Pen Pals

Hustlin’ Honeys

Great Mates


Bring It On

Across Borders

The Dude Guys

Llamas Pajamas


Unicorns of Ground

My Folks

Screaming Eagles

That Better Team

Peak Performance


Yes We Can

Etc, Etc

The Connected

Iconic Rugby Stars

Angry Apes

Smartness Overload


Dragon Sharks


Battle Hawks

The Dear Ones



Sugar And Spice

Golden Bulls

The People I Love

Ravens Of Rugby

Backstreet Boys

Hungry Hippos

Fire Breathing Bluebirds

Ultimate Rugby Nerds

In Style

Running on Empty


Team Prometheus


Power Hitters


404! Team Does Not Exist


Like Glue


No Sympathy

The Insomniacs

Felons of Ground

The Tough Ones

Golden Bears

Pitch Smashers

Alternative Facts

Wizards At Work

Matter Catchers

Catchy Rugby Team Names

You know very well that rugby never fails to catch your attention. Hence, it’s one of the most catchy sports. If you have a rugby team, you just need a catchy name for your team as catchy as the sport. So, here’s the list of the catchy rugby team names:

 Justice Bringers

Sizzling Shirazes

Extreme Attitude

Bolt Ahead

Bag of Chips

We Won

Weekend Warriors

Genius at Work

Cubicle Comics

Queen of Goals

Angry Monkeys

Ideas R Us

Trojan Horses

Admins Cusp


Black Lightning

Mind Bogglers

The Hit List

Taste the Rainbow

The Brainiacs

Win Machines

The New Crew

Hotline Hotties

Burn Notice

The Connected

Alley Cats

The Chosen Ones


The Brainiacs

Making Waves


Cobra Spitfires


Sole Survivors

Best of the Best

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