As an employer, you’re going to need to take some steps to keep everyone in your company motivated. Here are some tips to help you do that.

1. Set Small Measurable Goals.

You will need to set some goals if you want to keep your workers motivated. The goals should be small enough for the workers to achieve, and they should be easily measurable so that you can keep track of them.

2. Recognize Great Work.

You must make recognition a priority within your establishment. One of the biggest reasons some workers quit is that they don’t feel their employer recognizes their hard work. As such, you should do everything you can to ensure that you recognize all of your employees for the contributions they give to your company. You can achieve that by sending “thank you” emails to your workers or doing it over a loudspeaker if you have one set up. Your employees will appreciate that you took the time to let them know you noticed them.

3. Celebrate Results.

Make sure that you take the time to celebrate results when they come in. For example, let all of your employees know when the sales reports arrive, and let them know how much their participation affected those results. That will keep them motivated to work harder and bring even more positive results next time.

4. Give Gifts During Special Events.

You can keep your company motivated by giving gifts out when you have events. Gifts will always elevate the crowd whether you give them out during an annual party, monthly meeting or post-shift instructional gathering. Examples of some of the best gifts to give out are gift cards, keychains and custom promotional t shirts. Promotional t-shirts offer workers a sense of pride about working for your company. They can also serve as a dual purpose by intriguing people who may have been unaware of your business before this time. Don’t forget to give your workers something to show them your appreciation for their time and efforts.

5. Hold Regular Pep Meetings.

Finally, you should meet with your workers frequently to keep them motivated. Many businesses hold monthly meetings where they discuss sales numbers, sales tactics, new rules and processes, etc. They also allow the workers to provide their input on the matters being discussed.

You might want to take it a step further and hold meetings more than once a month. Perhaps, you’ll prefer to hold meetings every week. You could serve your employees pizza and refreshments and talk about the plans to boost production. Take the time during the meeting to thank them again and remind them that your company appreciates their contribution. Use the time to announce any competitions you’re planning and the prize for the winners. Prizes always motivate workers to try harder. Thus, you don’t want to forget to offer them.

You will reach all of your key workers and boost the company morale if you abide by the tips mentioned above. Start them today and monitor your progress.