Staying Physically Active Despite Chronic Illness

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While staying physically active is an important part of staying healthy, exercising regularly is a lot more challenging for those living with a chronic illness than for most other people. Despite all the difficulties that come with living with a chronic illness, doctors still advise that physical activity is an important part of managing the illness, alleviating symptoms, and feeling better about yourself.

Staying physically active

Below, we will look at some tips for staying physically active despite the challenges that come with doing so when living with a chronic illness.

Find What Works Best For You

Everyone living with a chronic illness is in a unique situation which means what works for one person might not work for another. This is why it is so important to find out what works best for you.

Starting with activities that already come naturally to you is a great place to start. For example, if you love walking the dog, you can make that part of your exercise routine. If you like shopping, you can park the car further away than you usually do and walk the rest of the way.

These, and other smaller actions, like opting for the stairs rather than the elevator, do add up and are a great way to stay active without pushing yourself too much.

Staying Physically Active Despite Chronic IllnessStart and Go Slow

It is very important that you do not push yourself, especially immediately after you have been diagnosed or after a challenging episode.

Light, mild activities would be best at the beginning. Once you have gotten the hang of it and feel you can push yourself further, you can try new activities with varying levels of difficulty.

Take Things Day By Day

Every day will be different, and it is always better to work out smarter than harder. It is, therefore, important to adjust the intensity of your workouts according to how you feel on a particular day. There will be days that your body can handle more, and there will be some that will be tough.

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The most important thing here is not to blame yourself for not being able to push as hard on the days that you feel like you cannot. Remember, being kind to yourself is also important.

Be Consistent

Remaining consistent can help you get into a routine that makes remaining physically active easier. Set an amount of time and types of exercises that suit your condition best. Even in cases where you cannot follow your normal routine, you can try something different like yoga or go for a walk.

The key is to try to be physically active for a set amount of time per day, be it through your normal workouts or through alternative workouts that suit how you are feeling that day.

Consistency might be hard to maintain, especially if your condition makes you feel tired or lethargic. For these days, it would be a good idea to find supplements that help give you the energy and motivation you need to get going.

Kratom is a great supplement in this regard as it helps improve your mood and gives you energy. You can learn more about kratom at Kratomiq.com, including information about what it is, its benefits, as well as where you can get it.

Join a Community

To help manage the stress that hampers your ability to remain physically active, it would be a good idea to join a community.

The members of this community can help you remain motivated, find someone to talk to, as well as find additional ways to remain physically active.


Remaining physically active despite a chronic illness is very challenging.

The most important thing is to find your comfort level, workouts that are manageable, and to face each day as it comes because every day will be different from the previous one.

Staying Physically Active Despite Chronic Illness