Being out of ideas and facing challenges in music theory is a common issue. Have you ever opted for a few online tutorials to sharpen your skills? Are you dreaming of becoming a better musician by avoiding skills that only work once in a while? Well, Alain Merville has the proper steps to see you through!

As the CEO and founder of, Alain Merville utilizes this platform to enrich music students from various spheres to become better people in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of developing new ideas and learning the use of a result-oriented strategy. Alain is an ambitious, skilled, and young entrepreneur who teaches music as a professor at the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston. Here is the learning roadmap he utilizes to cultivate upcoming musicians.

Inversions and Drop 2s

Students should understand how to build inversion and chord voicing. This knowledge helps in understanding how you can use harmony. Also, it helps with being able to express a harmony or chord in multiple ways.

Harmonic Subdivision

It involves understanding the practical usage of upper structures and chord scales. This use helps strengthen the skills required to bring tone to subdivided harmony. Again, it enables you to understand the essence of chord voicing.

Harmonic Motion

Harmonic motion helps students understand the strength of Pedal Point Harmonic Motion. Students use tips and tricks on how to disguise traditional movements. Voice leading is the main focus. 

Diminished Harmony Manipulation

Diminished harmony manipulation provides students with the ability to superimpose reduced harmony. Again, students understand how to develop deceptive resolutions by use of superimposed diminished harmony.

Chord Scales and Modes

This chapter equips learners with knowledge of modal harmony and how to use passing chords effectively. These lessons create confidence in matters concerning modal harmony. 


Orchestration is a section that deals with affecting the listener’s music listening experience through mastery of tension and release. Students learn how to make their music speak through understanding various harmonious voices.

Pivot Modulation

This aids learners to flow through tonal centers seamlessly. Additionally, it develops designs to pay a range of tones at once. Learners also realize how to involve pedal points and pivot modulates, and inversions.


Students should use detailed but straightforward equipment for embellishment creation. Skills involved are mastery of Harmonizing and Targeting Chord Tones. It helps learners understand how to create classy fillers by space-filling. 

About Alain Merville

At the age of 7, Alain moved to the US from Haiti. He started working on the piano at the age of 14. Alain attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Alain’s passion is not only in music but also in skill monetization, entrepreneurship, and odd winning.  

Industry and Achievements

Alain’s focus is on Ed-tech, E-learning, and Music E-learning. His hard work and dedication helped him sign Ne-Yo as the instructor, and the company’s CTO.

Through the comprehensive lessons, Alain Merville plays a significant role in empowering upcoming musicians and helping them realize their dreams.