Success does not just happen overnight; you think of it, aspire for it, and most importantly, you work for it and sometimes you have to tread on grounds others dread. 

Anthony Scott Logan, the founder and CEO of Noir Agency, has been in the branding industry for several years. This individual has learned all the tips and tricks that can transform any person or business into a reputable brand through strategic positioning and building brands that not only stand out but stand for something. However, his success in this field did not come easy, he experienced many highs and lows, from creating Noir Agency to living a life he could not afford. And through his experiences, he grew as a master of his craft and as an individual. 

Follow Your Passion

For Anthony, a single lecture was all it took to quit studying art and pursue what he wanted to do. Soon afterwards, Anthony started his first business and created a fashion and lifestyle magazine called La Vida, which he developed for two years before exiting to join a new startup,, as the head of design. During his time there, he worked closely with the CEO from whom he learned how to build and grow a brand. After leaving, he set himself out as a freelancer for a few years.

Eventually, he decided to start Noir Agency, an agency that specializes in branding, design, and web development. The founder and CEO of Noir Agency boasts of top-notch clients, such as NHS, Skyscanner, Unilever, Social Chain, Snoop Dogg, Emergent Bio Solutions, and Navigator Gas.  

Rise Above Setbacks and Downfalls

He did not follow his passions without difficulties and challenges. There were many obstacles he had to overcome. He even fell into rock bottom after getting into some debt trying to keep up with a lifestyle he couldn’t afford. At 27, he decided to move back to his parents in the countryside after trying to make ends meet in the city. One day, he overheard a conversation he shouldn’t have, which became his real turning point. Family members, including his parents, called him a disappointment, a bum, a dreamer without a career. But he wanted to prove them otherwise and make them proud, so he made a plan.

He began to wake up every day with a purpose. He also set some rules, such as waking up early in the morning, clearing his head prior to starting his day, staying sober, listing everything he wants to achieve in a day, reading and watching anything that would make his mind grow, and going to the gym. After reconstructing his life with his game plan, he felt focused and was ready to begin building his career.

Take a Leap of Faith

Taking a leap of faith may not appeal to many since it does not guarantee success, but for Anthony, there was nothing to lose. He conceptualized a brand–something bigger than him–a name that can become an agency and so, Noir Agency was born. Once again, he took a chance to return to the city, but this time he had long-term goals for himself and for his agency. He wanted change, therefore, he needed to make big sacrifices. He cut himself off from everyone for six months to carefully develop Noir. In those six busy months, he worked together with different individuals to build his team day and night–pitching with clients, writing proposals, signing deals, and continuing office work in the evening. Noir, then, became more than an idea. 

After several months of hard work, Noir welcomed good clients through exceptional customer service, which Anthony has learned to be of utmost importance from running nightclub events in his earlier years. He took a chance on Noir and now people took a chance on them. An individual even invested in Noir, which made a drastic impact for the whole agency. This opportunity allowed them to take risks and make key hires. 

Follow Through

Seeing the small forms of success Anthony and Noir Agency have achieved, he began to realize that growth has to come internally and that is when he started to work and invest in himself. He started to read more, asked other business owners for advice to widen his knowledge, and made decisions as a team. It is easy to forget to ask for help, but setting aside pride can contribute to the growth as an individual and growth as a company.

In 2017, Noir Agency was awarded as the best brand agency at TOM’s and the best startup agency of the year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards. Anthony took something from a concept and he created assets, built an identity, and watched the brand grow. For him, success is indefinite and that is what keeps him going.


So, there you have it, the inspirational story of Noir Agency founder and CEO, Anthony Scott Logan. Our main takeaway is that failure should not be translated to lost effort or time, rather it should serve as a driving force to succeed.The 33-year-old entrepreneur has cut out his name in brand development and he is not going anywhere any soon. 

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