No one can argue that everyone wants to be successful in business and life. One thing you would notice if you looked at successful people, their personality radiates confidence. The way they project themselves, you know they are successful. Self-confidence is among the most significant traits of successful people. They know and appreciate their abilities.

You can only exude confidence if you feel successful inside. Hence, success starts with the mindset. The great American entrepreneur Henry Ford once stated, “you are right whether you think you can or cannot.” It shows the value of mindset to be successful. If you think that you can succeed, you will find a way to achieve your goal. Successful people also do not let fear become a hindrance in reaching their goals. They do not let fear dictate their lives but use it as a tool to propel them where they want to go.

However, Andre and Christian, founders of SwipeSkins, can help people feel successful by converting their plastic credit and debit cards into metal cards. People might feel skeptical about SwipeSkins’ offering, but it is truthful. Andre and Christian will share how a simple transformation in your plastic credit or debit card can boost self-confidence and enhance other people’s perspectives about you.

Metal Cards Make You Feel Successful

Andre said that metal cards are more long-lasting than plastic credit and debit cards. “Aside from durability, metal cards can enhance the way other people see you. Metal cards look more luxurious, and it will automatically transform how other people perceive you,” he explained.

Andre pointed out that the aesthetic of metal cards will make people view the cardholder as a highly regarded person. “People will think of you as someone good at what he does. The metal card is like a status symbol that never fails to capture other people’s attention,” he added.

“Very few individuals have metal cards today. That is why people seldom see someone paying their purchases or bills using a metal card. For this reason, when you take out your metal card, people around you will get curious. They will start seeing you as someone who belongs to highly respected individuals,” Andre explained.

Andre added that metal cards are also marketing tools. “You get your metal card from your wallet. The card is already marketing you since people will start to recognize you,” he continued.

A Conversation Starter

Metal cards always bring a wow factor, which makes people get interested in you. Christian said that metal cards are conversation starters. “By merely seeing your metal card, it can already spark a conversation. You pull your card out, and the person in front of you, even if you do not know that person, will more likely ask you what you do,” he explained.

“For instance, you went out for dinner and paid your bill with your metal card. When people see your card, that is an instant conversation. They will start asking you what you do for a living or do you have a car. Where did you get that card? Do you have a business? You got a new acquaintance – instant networking. And you only pull out your metal card,” Christian said.

Andre and Christian shared the success story of one of their clients. The client is a realtor who went out for dinner. “At the restaurant, our client pulled out his metal card because he was about to pay his bill. The restaurant’s server got impressed with the metal card. The server started asking our client what his work is and how he got such a card,” he said.

Christian added that their client replied that he is a realtor. Coincidentally, the server was looking for a house in the market. “Our client has already set a good first impression. As a result, he got a new client and closed a deal with the server a week later,” he continued.

SwipeSkins’ Story

SwipeSkins helps solve the problems encountered by cardholders with their plastic credit and debit cards by turning their credit and debit cards into metal cards. Andre and Christian established the company in 2019 after they had a crazy idea of creating gold cards. 

“We thought that people would be excited to hold an 18-karat gold or 24-karat gold card. Imagine how impressive a gold card would be. We played with that idea for a bit and thought about how many people would buy that kind of card. We realized it is an expensive product, and it would only cater to a small market,” Andre said.

Instead of a gold card, Andre said they came up with various ideas such as black metal and stainless steel titanium. “Essentially, the idea of a metal credit card originated from the idea of holding a gold card. From that, we started creating the whole procedure, how it would work functionality, and the other stuff,” Andre added.

Now, clients love their customized metal cards. “Metal cards are easier to disinfect than plastic credit or debit cards. People today are more conscious about sanitation due to the pandemic. You clean a metal card with rubbing alcohol and kill about 99.99% of the germs on your card. That is why banks and consumers, especially our clients in Asia, love our creations,” Andre explained. Why not transition from those dull plastic credit and debit cards into a more durable metal card. Turn your credit or debit card into a customized metal card today by visiting!