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An Email Resurrection: How To Rekindle a Dwindling List

It’s natural for an email list to shrink if the content is just average. Every day emails reach our inbox whether we anticipate them or not. In order to send more effective messages, marketers are enabling the very machines that connect us to grow our understanding and make data-based adaptions. Here are some of the new trends in the arena of email marketing.

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How User-Generated Content Brings Events to the Next Level

Good content is hard to find. When you’re hosting a large-scale event, there’s never enough time to handle your regular marketing responsibilities on top of taking the perfect photo for Facebook or thinking of a clever Tweet.  The brands that focus on content marketing – like promoting their events on social media with photos, blog posts, videos and infographics – are seeing massive returns on their investment.

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Rise of The Young Podcast Episode 38 with Myke Metzger

The Current State of Digital Marketing 2018

Rise of The Young Podcast Episode 38 with Myke Metzger

In this Rise of the Young Podcast Episode Casey talks with Myke Metzger about his journey, and how he got started with digital marketing. Myke is the CEO of a digital marketing company in Richmond, Virginia known as RVA Social.

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10 Emotional Triggers to Use in Your Marketing

Words change the significance, attitude and impulse of your audience to act. As they say, words are important. Words have meaning, and you’ll want to use them very carefully as you form your marketing messages. There are roughly ten emotions that you want to trigger in your marketing messages. You don’t have to trigger them all in each message, but shoot for two or three and you’ll have a winning marketing message.

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9 Ideas To Help You Get Started With Internet Marketing

Having to fend for yourself in life can definitely be tough. But then again, nobody ever said it would be easy. Nothing about finding a career is easy, especially if you’re attempting to build up your business. It can be painstakingly tedious and exceedingly difficult. That’s why it’s important to use internet marketing tips like the ones in this article.

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