You do whatever it takes to ensure the success of your company: you’ve gone through the rigmarole of hiring the right people, making the most sound business decisions to stay ahead of the game, and employed the latest in technology to help you along the way.

But how much energy have you dedicated to customer satisfaction? Without customers, there isn’t much in the way of success, so if you have unhappy customers, then don’t expect your business to last very long. But with the three pillars of customer service on your side, you’ll reap all of the rewards.

1. Defining and Mapping the Customer Journey.

You first have to understand the future of your customers and how they invest their money. You should be paying attention to the best times to interact with them during the process of their purchasing journey. Too early, and your actions could be misinterpreted as being annoying; too late, and they will feel like you’re ignoring them. Activities and scripts should be created in various stages to make it obvious to the customer that you exist to fulfill their needs, especially when it comes to accepting payments in India, and help them with problems along the way.

2. Managing the Success Of Your Customer.

The best way to manage the success of your customer is to anticipate their needs before their novelty for their purchase wears off. Perhaps, with their first purchase, consider sending a “thank you” package with their purchase, detailing customer support phone numbers, the important things they need to know about their purchase, and any links to videos that will help them better understand their purchase. A link to an online customer forum is also helpful, as it gives them the opportunity to post their questions as well as see any answers to other customers’ questions.

Also, make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave feedback. Take the good with the bad; criticisms should be seen as a way to improve your company and its practices, not as personal attacks.

3. Creating a Thriving Customer Culture.

Having good customer service is an integral part of flourishing as a business. This can be easy to achieve if you inspire customer service culture within the company because then everyone will be on the same page as to what is expected of them every time they interact with customers. This includes your employees working in everything from sales all the way to those answering the phones. Detail the objectives of the company to everyone, and encourage them to provide feedback and criticism about other employees when something seems out of place.

It can be important to have everything set for the operation of your business, but if you don’t take the same care with examining the external aspect of the business – the customers who are buying your products/services – then your business is not going to last very long out in the field.