The best language institutes in Britain

Britain is famous for its inclusion of many of the best institutes for learning the English language properly, as the institutes are spread all over the country for they are the people of the language and the most practicing and use of it, so they are the most capable of teaching students the principles of the language and accessing learners to practice the language professionally in terms of speaking, writing, reading and listening.

This increases students’ questions about the best language institutes in Britain, which focus on proper pronunciation and education using the latest means that contribute to the delivery of information quickly and very accurately, as English is a prerequisite for admission to British universities.

The best language institutes in Britain provide many training courses for different age groups, starting from the age of 7 years until those with a doctorate degree with accredited certificates, in addition to providing intensive language training courses for those wishing to rapidly progress in the extent of mastery of the English language.

The best language institutes in Britain

What are the best language institutes in Britain?

Today, we are reviewing with you the best language institutes in Britain, with an explanation of the costs of study and the advantages of each institute, so that the student can choose the most suitable one, and among the best language institutes in Britain are the following:

Bayswater College Institute

One of the oldest and best language institutes in Britain, where the institute was established in 1973 and over a period of more than 45 years, during which the institute is keen to provide many different training courses for all groups, whether students, workers, and even retirees, to master the language properly, and to reach the enrollees to quality and professionalism.

Throughout the study period, the center is interested in providing support to all students and facilitating the process of communication while being keen to use the latest technological means to communicate information, and in this context the institute offers many training courses, including a general English language course at a cost of $ 258 per week, and the center also provides an intensive language course at a cost of 310 Dollars per week.

British Study Center Institute

The institute is considered one of the distinguished international institutions in teaching the basics of language in all dialects in terms of writing or speaking with sound exits. The institute has been accredited by the British Council to teach English as a foreign language, and it is considered one of the most famous centers approved in language teaching in Britain, where it has many Branches across the country, there are branches in Oxford, Brighton, London, York and Manchester.

And by a group of the best language lecturers, many training courses are offered for different age groups. Those wishing to learn the origins of the language in general can apply for a general English language course at an acceptable cost of $ 325 per week, and for those looking for accredited certificates, the center offers a preparatory course for IELTS for 337 Dollars per week.

The Comniquet School of English Institute

It is the ideal choice for those wishing to learn the origins of the English language through practice and practical experience, not just theoretical content, as the institute relies in its teaching of the language on continuous conversations and activities between students, in addition to organizing many trips to exhibitions and museums in Manchester, the city of the institute’s presence.

This provides local and international students with educational quality and international academic accreditation, through English language courses that are conducted in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere by a group of the most qualified international teachers and lecturers. The cost of the English language course is 239 dollars per week, while the cost of an intensive IELTS preparatory course is 355 dollars per week. .

EC Institute

It is one of the best language institutes in Britain that are located in the city of Oxford and is keen to raise the student to a professional level in language proficiency, through the various training courses it offers for all groups, taking into account the different levels in the language, the study is conducted under the supervision of a group of the most skilled experts and consultants experienced in Teaching language in all its aspects.

The training courses offered by the center vary between a general language course at a cost of $ 381 per week, an intensive course at a cost of 484 per week, and an IELTS preparatory course at a cost of $ 381 per week.