Next-level outcomes depend upon the two words everyone dislikes:

“It depends.”

“Should I minimize carbs? It depends.”

“Do I require to alter my training? It depends.”

“Will including supplements make a distinction? It depends.”

The words sting because it feels like a hold-up. You wish to move fast and transform. However, that’s the very first error.

“It depends” isn’t a cop-out. It’s acknowledgment of the hierarchy that will help you finally accomplish the success you desire.

Prior to stressing over “it depends” concerns, rather, focusing on mastering “The Big 4.” This foundation includes:

  1. Daily movement
  2. Vegetables, fruits, protein every day
  3. Focusing on sleep and recovery
  4. Habituating smiling and sex

As soon as you have actually constructed practices around those behaviors, then striking the next level depends upon your:

  • Goals
  • Way of life
  • Set up
  • Budget plan
  • Preferences

Success stands at the crossway of science– personal experience– consistency– and way of life aspects.

Eventually, you need to tailor. However, “it depends” is something that is earned. If you want to reach that point, everything depends on your desire to move slowly and master the big 4.