Creating eye-catching flyers and beautiful packaging is a necessary part of marketing your business, but it’s not enough. Studies show that the texture of your print products can significantly improve sales and increase buyer interest. Each texture gives off a different message, and when selected correctly, can get you the business results you’re looking for.

How Can Different Print Textures Make an Impression on Customers?

It makes sense for buyers to make purchasing decisions based on texture, whether it be clothing, food, or anything else that impacts their sense of touch. In these cases, the object gives them direct information and helps them understand if the product is what they’re looking for. But the question here is, does it really matter for print products?

According to research, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Studies show that the act of touching something can significantly increase the chances of a buyer making a purchase, even if they’re not given any direct information about the product. Texture is powerful. Texture makes a difference. When your customers interact with your printed products, they will value your brand more.

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Which Print Material Textures Connect With Buyers?

The texture of your print products, whether it’s smooth or embossed, can build emotional connections and influence the buyer’s decision to choose you over your competition. Print products (such as business cards, flyers, and brochures) can come in the following textures:



Smooth-textured print products have various finishes on them that provide a high-quality feel, which is ideal for business cards and flyers. Smooth-textured flyers will send a positive impression right away. The high-quality finish helps to build trust and brings a sense of panache and professionalism you won’t find anywhere else.



Embossed print offers raised engravings that are instantly eye-catching and give an impression of high quality and sophistication. If you want your business to be remembered, embossed print products are the answer. Embossed fliers are a great way to announce sales and promotions because of how they make your customers feel.

Coated / Uncoatedcoated

Uncoated print products are ordinary paper products, whereas coated products have an additional coat on them that enhances color and texture. Both are great ways to relay everyday information to your customers while allowing them to get a sense of the high quality your business has to offer.

What Do Different Textures Communicate About a Print Product?

You want to choose the texture of print materials that best suits your business goals. Ask yourself: what image are you trying to give to your buyers? How do you want customers to see your business? What will make potential customers want to complete their purchase with you?

A smooth business card gives a feeling of high-class and quality. An embossed flyer clearly stands out and shows your customers they can only expect the best from your business because of your attention to detail. Coated brochures give a high-quality look and make your products really pop. Different substrate choices also have a wide variety of different textures that evoke certain feelings of quality. Make selections based on what you’re trying to accomplish with your marketing collateral.

Using Texture in Print Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Print products come in a variety of different textures, and these textures can leave a lasting impression of your brand. The look and feel of your print products connect your customers to your business.

Get in touch with Ironmark’s print experts to learn about the different substrates, textures, and printing options available for your materials. The wide variety of textures Ironmark provides can help you send impactful and effective messaging.

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