Do you want to become a successful influencer? Then you need a foundation of knowledge and experiences while sharing those and engaging them to take action. Experience matters, and sharing those best practices or lessons you’ve learned along the path lead to influence as those part of the community recognize your contributions, as they say, “with knowledge comes power.”  The travel community recognizes leadership and seeks experienced travelers and grants them with travel cred.  In the technology industry it’s often large scale, complex or environments of notoriety that help one gain experience.

Technical depth is the goal for establishing credibility, and establishing your niche on a key platform to operate in continually. Also, remember to share as well as listen to feedback and build your audience. Ensure consistency to grow to the top, collaborate with other influencers who have made it, and run your travel website or blog with great content.  You have to start with sharing your content, find your voice and build an audience among the greater community.  You must always keep them in mind.  If you think about yourself and lose sight of what really matters, you’ll lose community trust and your influence will fade.

Lessons from an Influencer

Joel Oleson is a travel-tech influencer who has shaken the both the technology and travel industry. He is the founder and owner of -a travel site focused on capturing his memories and inspiring his readers. He also runs a tech blog with a tremendous experience he obtained while working at Microsoft for a whole decade. Joel has been awarded the top technology influencer and Microsoft MVP as a writer, speaker, and influencer. His global travels are full of adventures. But how can you become an influencer like Joel? Here are a few tips:

  1. Find your Motivation the “Why”

Before getting started, ask yourself why you want to be an influencer. Understanding your “why” will help you set and establish goals. For example, if your end goal is to share your experiences and lessons, you will plan and set up ways that can help you leverage your travels and have maximum pleasure. Therefore understand what is driving you to join the industry. 

  1. Select Your Perfect Niche

The travel industry, as well as the technology industry, are broad and readers will come for the nuggets and stay for what is meaningful. So, don’t just try to be an influencer; instead, select a distinct voice to operate on a regular basis. Once you find your niche that suits you, then be consistent and pursue it consistently. 

  1. Do Your Research

Becoming an evangelist or influencer isn’t neurosurgery, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little research. Find out how other influencers in the industry are scaling up their social platforms. Through this research, you will understand what works for influencers in the industry and what does not work.  What once worked changes over time.  Blogs are great, but social media is often where engagement happens, and these days the top influencers are engaging with their audiences on more multimedia rich video platforms like Youtube or live streaming on Instagram or Tik Tok.  You don’t need to be on all of them, but you do need to find your platform and audience. Your experience may vary. 

  1. Build your Communication Platform and Brand

Having an online presence is one principle every business needs to have to survive the modern-day competition. It is good to have a strong footprint on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. However, that alone is not enough. 

Create your Brand including goals, vision and strategy. Joel has multiple brands for different industries, but seeks overlap where he can to grow his audience.  For travel it’s where he inspires readers about his adventures.  His technology focused brand is with his branded personality as Joel365 his crossover webisode series on Top 10 Dream Destinations attempts to combine these. Determining your brand and owning the domains including a solid marketing presence that is easy to follow across social media is key.

  1. Give An Ear To Your Audience

Engagement is key.  It’s also not just one way.  While you may be focused on publishing and content marketing, the key is to listen to your audience and discover what resonates most. Listening to them will help you engage with them constructively. You also get to understand what content you need to work on that suits their needs.  Engage in the comments, like, respond, uplift and inspire, but be sincere.

These steps will help you build a closer relationship with your audience. Once you deliver satisfaction to them, they will automatically refer others to your brand and, in the process, increase your following and influence. 

  1. Be Consistent

Do you want to establish awareness? Then be consistent. Consistency will help you build confidence and trust. Trust will help you achieve your quest for efficient and profitable service delivery as well as customer satisfaction. Consistency means regularly interacting with your audience and being transparent.  These relationships of authenticity are more vital than may realize. 

  1. Collaborate With Other Industry Influencers

If you want to succeed, you must reach out, network and connect. Speaking at an industry event? Never eat alone! The goal is to network with other influencers, seek out speaker dinners and meetup groups.  If they don’t exist in your area consider creating one. From the insights of like minded influencers you’ll find lessons that will help you thrive and stay relevant. 

The tips above will help you get started on the path to becoming a real influencer commanding thousands of followers if not millions. Besides, you will learn how to leverage your global travels and partner with brands. As an influencer, you will find that as your success as an influencer grows, so does your capacity to earn a good living. Traveling, technology and many other related industries have an exciting path for influencers.  Once on the path it is even easier to see how to achieve and live your dreams. The industry is looking to embrace you, and what do you have to lose?  The potential is there for a stronger community with powerful leadership from those with insights and vision.  The more you give the more you will receive.