The global entertainment industry is currently on the rise, with its revenue surpassing 100 billion US dollars in 2019, according to a report by Motion Picture Association. Also, another report by Statista forecasts that the entertainment revenue will rise to $2.1 trillion in 2021. Artists, producers, scriptwriters, influencers are rapidly dominating the digital world with partnerships all around. It’s almost sure that for anyone to thrive in the entertainment world, they need collaborations. Top brands have well utilized this strategy, but still, many find it challenging.

Ashwin Jacob is a creative visionary who has helped brands and individuals make more money in the entertainment, technology, and fashion sectors through strategic partnerships. His intermediation mainly helps those struggling to build working relationships, to be recognized by brands. Ashwin is of Indian descent but moved to Los Angeles from Boston for his pursuits in the Hollywood scenes and lifestyle industries. He is the head of entertainment partnerships and strategy of New Hollywood, an entertainment consultancy , and an equity owner of Spoild and Rottn, a clothing brand, which is also around mental health. He has further hosted a top 20 podcast on iTunes, has done public speaking in conferences and businesses, and is an equity owner in Intention Crystals a lifestyle jewelry brand. Here are top secrets you can learn from Ashwin Jacob on entertainment and strategic partnerships.

1. Thriving in the entertainment industry needs strategic partnerships, better communication, and relationship management

To thrive in the entertainment industry, you need to be vocal, especially when showcasing your projects. Great communication is important in building strong working relationships. A strategic partnership is where a brand or individual connects with other brands and persons, whose expertise aligns with each other. For this connection to occur, establishing a healthy working relationship is essential. Maintaining the relationship is known as relationship management, which is necessary when setting the partnership, on collaboration, and after the partnership. Relationship management has proven successful within the entertainment industry as both parties involved grow. 

2. Branding is crucial in establishing strategic partnerships

Your value needs to be visible to the public for you to strategically partner with a brand. Parties in strategic partnerships often look for exposure, and therefore one party needs to be influential for the partnership to work. You need to have established an online identity with excellent influential skills to broadcast a brand and its services. A strong brand will also build you as people will see your milestones, and there are greater possibilities to work with more prominent names. Ashwin Jacob helps in branding and giving advisory services on how to get into strategic partnerships successfully.

3. Strategic partnership is the #1 growth tactic in the entertainment sector

You may have noticed that you spot a new talent through a celebrity or a reputable brand. And yes, a strategic partnership in this industry is crucial in growing an individual or a brand. Statistics by BPI Network show that 44% of organizations seek partnerships for new ideas, insights, and innovation, with another 55% by Accenture study believing that it allows companies to access new markets and new customers. Parties involved aim for growth and recognition to build their significance and business. Ashwin has also worked with top brands that boost his business. By helping brands and individuals make more money, his credit widens, and he gets to work with larger brands.  

4. Strategic partnerships make a lasting impact on the world

A lasting impact comes about when you work with outstanding individuals or companies. According to Ashwin Jacob, social media has transformed how people communicate and connect, which is always exciting and rewarding. A partnership where there are effective communication and collaboration leads to great results. Results, we can’t deny, are pleasurable. Therefore the strategic partnership will leave you with a long life marking of making a stride in your career and a significant impact on another brand. It also opens doors for other greater opportunities.


Ashwin Jacob has worked with top brands and therefore knows the ins and outs of strategic partnership and the entertainment industry as it’s where his passion lies. He is an easy person to talk to and is results-driven. You, therefore, need to seek his services from consultancy, branding, marketing, and strategic partnerships. Follow him on his social media accounts for more enthusiasm.