Have you thought about starting a real estate career? If you have, it is as a result of some appealing reasons. It could be passion or interest, seeking to work less and earn more, it could be for financial freedom, and so on. You, however, need to realize that starting in any industry may be pretty demanding, and you should therefore seek guidance, do research, and be patient as you develop your skills. There are tips you need not ignore to stay up to the challenge and to quickly peak. 

1. Building a Digital Presence

Having an online presence is where most businesses thrive, and the gradual shift technology is taking gives digital marketing a boost. Technology makes it easy to systemize marketing such as the SaaS that automates several processes such as email marketing. It would be best if you used all necessary marketing strategies to give your business a boost—from Search Engine Optimization of your site to Digital ads, email marketing, social media content, etc. You could also use agency platforms like Zillow, and Trulia, which have a large audience. These platforms allow you to create an account, register your Listings and add contact information. Digital marketing will help you reach a wider audience. Buyers prefer interacting with real estate agents at the click of a button. Again, 42% of home buyers turn to the internet as their first step. 

2. Property Location 

People are so careful with choosing the location of their homes. They want a secure place with all social amenities, and that gives them their space. It is undeniable how people yearn to retire in a peaceful secluded area to enjoy nature and a quiet environment. Security is critical: it would be best to choose a property in a neighborhood with minimal security issues. It is not enough that you can install security systems around the property. The place needs to feel safe for a homeowner. Again, it would help if you did not let clients feel lost in their universe; social amenities in the neighborhood are essential. These facilities include a hospital, school, police station, water, access to constant power, and consistent Internet service.

3. Showing Other Than Telling

     With real estate, you do not need to promise your clients mavens by word of mouth, instead show them the property you are offering. And not only showing them but using high-quality videos that they could feel their presence on the property. They should be able to see all its features, feel a sense of belonging according to their preference before they could decide to buy. More so, potential buyers look for videos while searching for a home. Statistics show that 39% of home buyers use online video sites in their home search, and 50% of home buyers of all generations find video tours useful. 

4. Embracing New Technology

Technology is taking over all sectors of the economy to improve processes. It will be foolish not to adopt these technological shifts. Computer-powered, artificial intelligence, and digital imaging technologies give consumers the best experience when looking for homes online. 


These are but a few facts you should not ignore in real estate. Dave McGowan, a real estate expert with over 40 years of experience in brokerage, could be that guide to help you get started in real estate. He has helped thousands who grow to be successful. For he has achieved his significant dreams, he has made a life purpose of helping others achieve theirs too, through training. 

Dave is a designated managing broker for a large commercial real estate company, a 2008 REALTOR of the Year- Northern Illinois Commercial Association of REALTORS 2008 (President). He has further led numerous programs and franchises. McGowan has also created and implemented professional training programs, conducted instructional seminars for as many as a thousand industry professionals. Contact him by 

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