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It’s official: The “Your Brain at Work” podcast is live!

One of our favorite things about the annual NeuroLeadership Summit is the chance we get to mix the wisdom of science and business over the two-day event. We’re always delighted when people leave feeling excited to share their insights with their team.

But recently, we began to wonder: How can we deliver those insights the other 363 days of the year? Our answer is Your Brain at Work, the podcast.

Every other week, NLI will release new episodes featuring a discussion between an industry thought leader and an NLI scientist or researcher. They’ll dig into the important issues facing talent leaders today: growth, learning, inclusion, transformation, and more. Host Chris Weller, Senior Science Editor at NLI, will facilitate conversation to draw out the richest insights on both sides.

The first three episodes are already out now.

These episodes dig into some crucial questions: Why is storytelling so important for leaders? What does it mean to take a regenerative approach to performance management? Why does the ‘fastest learner’ win?

The world of work is fraught with tradition, intuition, and bias. NLI wants to help leaders see the value in bringing the consistency and repeatability of science into their daily practices. Consider Your Brain at Work the first step in that journey to creating more human, brain-friendly organizations.