Growing up, my moms and dads didn’t have crazy food guidelines. I wasn’t required to consume any particular food, and I wasn’t glued to the table up until I completed my broccoli.

But, there was one rule that protruded: dessert was earned.

If I desired a treat at the end of the day, I had to eat healthy things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If I examined those boxes, I earned dessert. Back then, those Little Debbie snacks deserved the compliance. This could take place every day without problem, if I did my job.

little debbie swiss rolls

Some individuals believe food reward is a problem. I believe food limitation is a bigger concern, as long as there are limits and guidelines on what you require to eat to attain better health.

There’s no lack of diet plans, meal plans, and complex formulas designed to support your health.

Consider the 3 primary healthy consuming results it achieves:

  1. It’s constructed around eating 80-90% non-treats (ideally, healthier alternatives)
  2. It does not require foods
  3. It prevents constraints while still producing limitations.

Eventually, I stopped eating dessert every night and dropped Little Debbie. But, she served me well and assisted me build a fantastic relationship with food.

This may not be your end goal, but if you’re searching for a place to begin, The Little Debbie plan might be an excellent fit for you. If absolutely nothing else, mastering those 3 outcomes will likely do more for your long-term health than most of other diet plans you may attempt.


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