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People who are familiar with the trucking industry already have an idea of what an MC number is. However those who aren’t familiar with how trucking works, they might be unsure of what an MC number is and who needs it. If you are thinking of starting your own trucking company and are completely new to how this industry works, then you must know about basics like an MC number. If you are already familiar with it and need an MC number you can easily obtain one at FMCSA Registration.

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What is an MC number?

An MC number or a Motor carrier number is the representative of the operating or trucking authority. The MC number is assigned to trucking companies by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order to identify the trucking company. These are especially required by trucking companies that are focused upon interstate commerce. Interstate commerce involves the operation of carrying freight or loads across the states. Hauling their operation across state lines as a part of a business requires them to have an MC number regardless of whether they are companies or federal regulated commodities involved in the business.

Why is an MC number needed?

MC number is needed to have the authority of interstate commerce. You need an active MC number for interstate authority but that also depends upon your cargo as well. Even if your cargo involves the operation of inter-modal freights you still may need an MC number despite hauling intrastate freight depending upon the cargo. The reason for this is that the cargo that has traveled the state lines even if you yourself have not still requires authority in order to trace back its origination. Therefore an MC number is required to understand the origination before you receive it. Only the truck driver whose cargo is from within the state and is also delivered within the same state is covered by the intrastate authority.

What is a USDOT number?

UDOT number (United States Department of Transportation number) is an ID number for trucking companies that is meant to keep record of the information of the trucking company. This information included the safety records, vehicle type, cargo information and compliance information. Any interstate commerce or passengers carried by trucks from the US require that these truck drivers have a USDOT number for their vehicle as per the rules of FMCSA. The information of a company’s DOT number is public information for the access of freight brokers and shippers. Getting a USDOT number can be a complicated procedure. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out for professional guidance.

How to get an MC number?

Getting an MC number can be somewhat of a complicated process and must be handled properly. Usually it takes about 3 weeks before you are able to get the trucking authority. Therefore it is better to start the filing process even before you begin operating on the new trucking authority. As per regulations an MC number needs to be filed with the FMCSA after paying the registration fee. Only after you get your MC number can you operate using that MC number right away. However even though you do get an MC number and it is not active; you still cannot use it to start operating.

You still need to follow the procedure to have it fully active. Within the next 20 days you must complete your BOC-3 with FMCSA along with an insurance policy. A BOC-3 is the representative of your process agents that may serve legal paperwork in each state over your behalf. After this process is completed your MC number will be active within 2 to 3 weeks.

The next few steps involve getting your company on the road. After getting an MC and DOT number, the next thing is paying your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) as well as setting up your International Registration Plan (IRP). IRP is registering your truck for multiple jurisdictions so that you can pay taxes by the driven miles. After this you will get your truck plates. Following this there’s the International Fuel agreement and a Unified Carrier Registration for insurance in all the states you are operating in. Lastly you need negative screenings for drugs by enrolling in a DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing Consortium Program.


An MC number is a mandatory motor carrier number for trucking services that operate upon interstate commerce of carry in interstate cargoes. If you are thinking of starting a trucking company then this is the very important stage that you must clear beforehand. Fulfilling all the conditions of getting an MC number is an important stage and should not be messed up for the sake of your own business.

Starting or growing your own trucking company is not too easy, therefore each step that you take matters a lot.