It may be tempting to develop your website in a cookie-cutter, template-frenzied platform like Squarespace or Wix because of the drag-and-drop features and seemingly easy user interface. The problem with that approach is that as your business grows, you may quickly outgrow the framework — that is, if you haven’t already outgrown it.

Here’s the thing – Squarespace is useful when you want to create a new (albeit relatively amateur) website, and Wix is great for small business websites. But you want your business to grow, right? When businesses are entering a larger, more competitive space, it may cost you more to re-develop your site in a platform that is built to grow with you.

When Is It Best to Use Squarespace and Wix?

When you need to create a visually stunning website, but you don’t have a lot of time or money, sites like Squarespace and Wix can be a lifesaver. You don’t need to know any CSS or HTML code to design your website using these tools. However, you will be at the mercy of the limited templates offered by these platforms.

The main benefits of a DIY site like Squarespace or Wix include:

  • Affordability: They only require a minimal investment of time and money.
  • Speed: Sites can be up and running in a matter of hours.
  • Attractive Design Options: The templates are appealing, as well as being easy and efficient for setting up a website.

There are also some drawbacks to these services, which include:

  • Generic Design Options: Templates are generic and customization options are limited. It can be difficult to distinguish your site from all of the other businesses that share the platform.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO tools are lacking. You don’t want to waste time and money building a website that no one can find.

As companies grow, they often find that it’s a better use of time and money to turn to a skilled developer for website management, instead of using tools like Squarespace or Wix.

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Reasons to Use a Web Developer

Web developers can tailor the design and structure of your website to meet the specific needs of your business and your target audience. They can create a website that is interesting and unique so that you can attract more leads and stand out from your competition.

So who should take advantage of web development services?

Businesses That Bring In $250K or More

If your business is generating at least $250,000 annually, you would likely benefit from a professionally-designed website.

Local Businesses in a Competitive Industry

If your business generates most of its revenue online, a professionally designed website can help you to maximize your SEO.

Solopreneurs That Generate Over $150K in Revenue

If you offer professional services, you’re probably better off with a professionally designed website.

Businesses That Generate $5K or More per Transaction

A professionally designed website can help you to improve lead generation, converting more site visitors into paying customers.

What Are the Costs and Benefits of Using a Professional Developer?

When you get your website professionally designed, you get to work with someone who will take the time to understand how you conduct business, so your site can help your business operations and growth — not hinder them. Experienced web developers and UX/UI designers use their extensive technical knowledge and experience to create a logical and beautiful online experience for your best customers.

Before using a “free” online tool, you should think about the true costs of these platforms, which often include training costs for someone to learn and manage the platform, lost revenue if the site is not optimized properly, and the hours that might be spent updating the site over time.

What are the main benefits of using a professional developer? Here’s what you can expect from a professional developer:

  • Professional Design: You’ll want a unique, cohesive design that matches your brand and message architecture.
  • Enhanced Optimization: Give visitors a great experience while they’re on your site. This should lead to increased conversions and sales.
  • Better SEO: A professional developer can help you to identify relevant keywords and ensure that your site is tagged and structured accordingly.

There may be some drawbacks as well, including:

  • Setup Costs: The initial cost to set up your website will be higher than the setup cost for a template builder.
  • Timeline to Go Live: Custom websites can take about a month to complete, depending on the nature of your business and what pages need to be set up.

While the upfront costs may be higher when you use a professional web developer, keep in mind that the leads generated from a custom website will often bring greater returns, too. For help setting up a website and getting your digital marketing off the ground, contact the experts at Ironmark. We can help with your website strategy, ensuring that your business is set up for growth. Contact us today to discuss creating a website that drives your business growth.

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