Sickening Events is a white-label event management and ticketing platform founded by Reid Lawrence in 2015. It is local and queer-owned and the most trusted ticketing and video web design company. Sickening Events offers high-quality services at an affordable price to local and queer artists and venues.

Drag Videos and YouTube Subscriptions

Reid’s story is humble. They began filming  drag performances at a local gay bar in college. At first, they did it to gain free entry into the club, but they turned it into a hustle upon realizing their talent and growing popularity. Reid traveled across states filming drag performers and building an enterprise of their own.

Reid uploaded the videos on YouTube for easy access. However, YouTube has many copyright restrictions, and thus they could not make money from it, despite having a large following online. It was time to think of something new. 

Reid had worked with the drag community for a while. They were familiar with their needs as a community. They realized those drag performers could not access affordable online marketing and web development services. Reid turned this into an opportunity to help the queer community while making money.

Websites and Digital Marketing

Reid expanded their business from videography to include web development and event management. They helped drag performers and queer artists create official websites that allowed them to promote and market their work.

The websites contains easy-to-use features, information on the artists, photos, upcoming events by the artists, etc. Most drag performers do not have websites, as creating one is expensive and complicated. Reid helps these artists by providing their services at an affordable fee.

Reid created Sickening Events, an event management and ticketing platform catering to local and queer artists and venues. They observed that other ticketing platforms did not have the best interests of local and queer artists.

Why Choose Sickening Events Over Eventbrite

Sickening Events helps promote LGBT artists and venues by providing affordable services. Their prices and features rival those of major companies such as Eventbrite. For a person to own a website, Sickening Events will only charge less than 100 dollars to set up the website, which will take less than 72 hours to be up and running. 

Sickening Events offers feature benefit services without excessive extra charges. They provide website management services for their artists. Also, there are no additional charges for ticketing and event promotions. Sickening Events takes the market ‌seriously, and its primary aim is to make the client as comfortable as possible.

Eventbrite and other major ticketing platforms charge their clients’ extra fees, monthly subscriptions, and marketing fees. Sickening Events has 30-50 % more features than Eventbrite and has 30% more value than Eventbrite. This helps artists save money. 

Sickening Events offers event marketing and promotion at no extra charges. They have partnered up with, which posts Sickening Events for free. Sickening Events provides unique ticketing services such as virtual events, interactive seat selection, upgrade and transfer tickets, multi-day and season passes, and series and timed entry.

Sickening events is an Event Management and Ticketing platform that does not believe in making people pay more than they should. They provide the queer community with accessible services designed for their needs and wallets. Sickening Events is the LGBT alternative to Eventbrite and other major ticketing platforms.